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Desktop Parts Constructor Desktop Parts Constructor Desktop Parts Constructor Desktop Parts Constructor Desktop Parts Constructor
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      Think about it! A way to make custom made parts for your model right on your own desktop. If you have the plans for it, a 3D model made with Blender can be exported to the desktop printer and printed out, part by part or the whole model at once.

      I do not have anything to do with any desktop 3D printer company, but I have been checking some out from time to time. At first the 3D printers were kits that you put together yourself, but lately some have new models that come fully assembled and ready to go from the box opening.

      Makerbot is one such company to have upgraded their 3D printer to a more professional model with larger size area to make your parts. The Makerbot2 now has a metal case and is ready to print parts right away. Their webpage is

      Here is the overall size:

      The new model makes articles with a much smoother surface:

      The software that comes with it is much clearer than previous:

      Each part of the model can be larger than before:

      Desktop Parts Constructor
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  1. upretirementman's Avatar Member
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    Sep 2012
    I found a .stl file of a Super Seven Tube Frame and imported it into Blender 2.49.2. to see what it looked like. It has suspension mounts front and back. It can be imported into desktop printer application software and printed out. It could be a good start for a 11 inch model of L Super Seven or such like.

    You may not want to actually make your model with a plastic frame, but you can use it as a pattern for measuring your brass tubing in making a scratch built Desktop Parts Constructor frame.

    Desktop Parts Constructor
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  2. upretirementman's Avatar Member
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    Sep 2012
    I also downloaded a free .stl file of a disk brake assembly ( 3 parts ) includes disk brake pads. Imported it into Blender 2.49.2 to see what it looked like. Not textured. It can be imported into a desktop printer application and printed out as many as you need.

    Looks like I could've lined up the parts better!

    Need a .stl file for a wheel and tire? A free one can be had online ( two parts )

    Desktop Parts Constructor

  3. dpride's Avatar Active Member
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    Sep 2011
    It's good that machine is available for a low price but the resolution is not fine enough for small parts. I've included a small test piece of a 1/4 scale tire wall we did to see if it was suitable and even at 16 microns it needed a lot of work. If you printed a much smaller scale tire the lettering would be illegible. If the printed material is sandable, I'm sure there are a lot of uses for it. These letters are 30mm wide (UV cured acrylic Desktop Parts Constructor polymer).

    Desktop Parts Constructor-tire-wall-test-piece-jpg

  4. 3.Star's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
    Michael J.
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    Feb 2009
    Maybe I am off topic,
    computers are really making our lives easy, but...the ole' guy who could fix the carbs on my Alfa Coda Tronca is gone.
    He even heard a snarl and whistle of the engine. Literally mechanic.Seems old-fashioned, but I love it and keep on it.
    In a kind of way, it's good to be in my generation. Will be dead and gone, when they ride seemless and loudless on their vehicles...uuuhh whatta fun.(ever seen a segway burnout?)


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