Scale Hex Bolts for Mercedes 500
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Scale Hex Bolts for Mercedes 500 Scale Hex Bolts for Mercedes 500 Scale Hex Bolts for Mercedes 500 Scale Hex Bolts for Mercedes 500 Scale Hex Bolts for Mercedes 500
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      I have been reading about replacing the cast bolt heads on engines with real ones, but finding the correct scale bolts very hard. Does anyone have suggestions with how to find them? I would like to use real bolts on the engine and maybe the whole car. I am not sure if this is just a dream or if I can really do it. I just finished the Fiat without doing alot of upgrades but would like to do more upgrades with the Mercedes. The thought of putting real bolt heads sounds like a good start.

      Scale Hex Bolts for Mercedes 500
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  1. ScaleMotorcars's Avatar Administrator
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    Quote Originally Posted by chevyrsss View Post
    I should know tomorrow or Tuesday. As for the membership, I would like to join, can I just paypal the 4.95 from my paypal account monthly?
    That would be greatly appreciated. Heck you'll make it back in discounts anyway.

    The system is automatic. Just purchase a subscription and it automatically renews until you cancel it. Its all controlled by Paypal so its totally safe.

  2. Hi all,

    I just registered and I'm really happy with what I see !

    I'm working on a k74 pocher Mercedes and got a question on the Hex bolts.

    I would like to replace most of them on the chassis and on the engine; I understood that the proper ones are the 090 but I'm not sure if they should be brass or steel.

    Is there anybody that can help me ?

    Thanks in advance from Italy !


  3. Rick's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2006
    Welcome Paolo! We have a very active and detail oriented Pocher crowd here so I'm sure you'll enjoy exchanging information with them.

    In regards to your fittings requirements, check in with Dan. He should be able to help you.

  4. Tage's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Be sure to drill out the center of the bolt heads before filing off the plastic head!

    I use a # 54 drill, and open it up later if I want to place a bolt head with CA, or just tap the # 54 hole if I want to screw them in.

    I use mostly brass, but use a solution called "Blackin-It" to give a rough semi corroded look, the other method, is to use blueing solution, like Birchwood / Casey's Perma Blue.
    Gives a very nice professional finish, and is available in liquid or paste form.
    The Blackin-It solution works better if you dip your parts in Muratic Acid for about 20 seconds first to get a bit of etch, rinse then dip into the Blackin-It. The longer you leave it, the blacker it will become. I generally lay the bits out on a paper towel and give them a very light spray of WD40 when done to stop the corrosive process.


  5. ScaleMotorcars's Avatar Administrator
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    Thanks Tage. He's got it fairly well covered.

    The only thing I could add is that if you want them functional, use the brass. Decoration, go with the white metal bolts.

  6. Really thanks a lot !!!!


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