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      It is so difficult to work with veneer that has reshaped itself into a topographical map, this should help.

      [B]Recipe and Ingredients for a veneer flattening mixture:[/B]
      [B] [/B]
      Mix together the following:
      2 (two) measures of Cascomite (powdered urea formaldehyde)
      1 (one) Flour (regular)
      3 (three) Water
      1.5 (one & a half) Glycerin
      1 (one) Denatured alcohol Working with Veneer - getting it flat

      Rub mixture on to veneer with natural bristle brush,
      leave for 5 minutes and lightly rub off any surplus mixture/moisture.

      Place treated veneer between two sheets of waxed paper and place in a press for a few hours.

      I them store the flattened veneer in fresh waxed paper inside a large book.
      Tried and true.
      My favorite veneer source for large scale models:
      H9764 Sequenced Matched Walnut Burl Veneer, 3 sq. ft.

      Tage - Journeyman cabinetmaker.

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      Working with Veneer - getting it flat-walnutburl-jpg 

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