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Thread: Alclad paints

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      Hi all can some one help me please ? I have made the parts pictured below from acrylic Alclad paints and have tried in vain to cast them in metal apart from the brass head lamp piece as I want to replicate the finished items to look like polished alloy.
      I've now run out of options and have been giving some thought to painting these items using Alclad Alclad paints paints if thats the right word to use ?
      Can anyone who has used these types of paints tell me how well the paint covers does it polish well , is it expensive , how is the best way to apply it, will it rub off easy with handling Etc Etc ??


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  1. Herman's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    You need a gloss black base coat Alclad paints (you can use your own paint, or go safe with Alclads own basecoat)

    Spray over it with alclad Alclad paints , in light coats, and the desired effect will appear. Let dry thoroughly, do not polish. Try too much touching, as the effect will dull eventually.

  2. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    You can also use SnJ spray metal and polishing powders. They also work fairly well and they do polish nicely. The only thing I haven't tried is using a sealant on the parts. They will dull over time and can be repolished but it's a bit of a mess. Send me an e-mail and if you want, I'll give you the entire technique. Another thing is that if you want to cast those parts in metal, you'll need to use a good centrifugal casting Alclad paints machine with a correct sprue Alclad paints design. If you have access to that kind of equipment, I can show you that technique also. If you have a few friends who are dental technicians, that will help a great deal.
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  3. Thanks guys I still have a few other options up my sleeve but if I do decide to go with the painting method I now have the info.


    Alclad paints

  4. One important step with Alclad Alclad paints : make sure to use an ACRYLIC Alclad paints gloss black. The Alclad Alclad paints will attack an enamel Alclad paints basecoat.

    You could also send the parts off to Chrome-Tech. They do great work if you're not in a hurry.
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  5. Bob Cline's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    I've sprayed Testors gloss black enamel Alclad paints as a base coat Alclad paints with good success. Actually, I'm told, it helps to have the Alclad Alclad paints "bite" into the enamel Alclad paints to prevent rub-off.

    I'll give the acrylic Alclad paints a try, though.
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