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      There's a fellow in our club who wants to start making 1/6-1/8 tires in a soft material rather than using resin Vinyl/Rubber Tires and is looking for info and materials sources.

      This guy would do a great job and would fill a bid need.

      Can anyone help out as I don't have a clue?
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  1. fuzzy's Avatar Established Member
    Ted aka Fuzzy
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    Nov 2005
    I think Micromark has a material available that can be used for tire molding.

  2. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Sep 2005
    I've got some of that stuff but I haven't tried it yet. You also have to buy the stuff to make the rubber black. The instructions don't look too difficult but since it's not done under vacuum, I have no idea whether or not it comes out like a piece of swiss cheese.
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  3. Noel Smith's Avatar Active Member
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    The tyre making process is described in detail in the Complete Car Modeller No 1 book by Gerald Wingrove if you can get hold of a copy.
    This book was originally published about 20 years ago, so there may be much better rubber/vinyl mixes available now, other than those that Gerald Wingrove describes.
    The book has been reprinted at least once, but whether any updates were made to the text in light of any new materials etc. I don't know.
    There is also a Complete Car Modeller No 2 book by the same author that followed on.
    In the first book he describes techniques used on a variety of his models, but in the second he describes techniques used in the building of the Weinberger Bugatti Type 41 Royale as it was supplied to Dr.Fuchs its original owner.
    Both these books are well worth getting if you are contemplating scratchbuilding in any way, and are by far the finest books available to obtain classic model car scratch building techniques from. Besides these techniques books there are a couple more books about Gerald Wingrove's models that are lavishly illustrated with beautiful photos of all his work.
    Wingrove's website is well worth looking at for inspiration.
    Another famous scratch builder who has sadly passed away is Manuel Olive Sans. There is a lovely coffee table book illustrating his finished work available from the Olive Sans Foundation in Spain, who also have an excellent website.
    I have heard recently that a book is soon to be released about the work of the Italian master modeller Michele Conti. Due early 2009 I believe.
    Some very old books worth looking out for are Motor Modelling by the late Rex Hays, an Arco Publication, Model Automobile Construction by Cyril Posthumous, I think published by Percival Marshall, and Car Models by Harold Pratley that was an MAP Publication. All long out of print, but they do turn up occassionally in second hand bookstores or clearout sales.
    All the above books are about scratchbuilds only.
    There are of course many really good books for kit bashers/converter

  4. xken's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Here is a link to rubber for casting Vinyl/Rubber Tires . See bottom picture looks like a tire section.
    FMC® Series Polysulfide Rubber | Smooth-On, Inc.

    If you want to cast anything check these guys out; I have used their products and would recommend them to anyone.

    They also have some great "How to" video and presentations.


  5. MADD FABRICATOR's Avatar Established Member
    Richard D. Zimmerman
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    Feb 2008
    Also check out Alumilite - Solutions in Casting Resin and Silicone Rubber for their Flex 80 product which has a hardness of Shore 80. That is what I used for casting Vinyl/Rubber Tires the rear tires on the "Ratz Rod" project shown on the Show and Shine thread. If you're carefull how you mix it, air pockets are held to a minimun. It's really some pretty strong stuff.
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