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      Sure wish one of you sculptors with a lathe would get interested in making up hubs and rims for an original Deuce.

      My endeavor to fabricate a rim like Bob did on his Model A has been a failure so I am inclined now to get some Pocher Alfa rims one way or another. They are only ¼ inch too tall but have matching scale 5.5 inch width tires.

      The hubs I am trying to make from 3/32” thick laminated squares of styrene original 32 Ford wheels . Below are pictures of a wheel, my lathe (1/4 inch drill), the outside of my unfinished hub, my mill (Dremel), and the inside of my initial unfinished hub. I am still working on the concept.

      For one, I hope to receive comments as to whether I am going in the right direction and suggestions for improvement. Does it seem like this concept will work? I think I will file the studs off the brake drums to make it easier to attach this type of hub. I imagine I should make the hub fit as close as possible to the drum which mean I will ride up over the drum shoulder a ways. I haven’t found any chrome disks that might pass for hubcaps.

      I don’t know if resin original 32 Ford wheels is strong enough to cast multiple hubs and rims if we ever get a good original. Anyone have any idea?
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