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      Hi - I'm building a 1/16 RR Phantom II and decided to put some door catches on it. I tried to miniaturise the Pocher spring catch system on my Alfa Spider but the catch fouled the bottom of the dashboard so had to be junked. After a bit of thinking 'out of the box' I managed to come up with this and it works so well I thought it may be of use to someone else.

      Sorry I'm not very good at technical (geometric) terms but here goes: The catch slides along the base plate, which I made from a piece of box section brass with the top cut off. The spindle has the door handles on each end and the odd shaped cam in the odd shaped hole (told you I was no good at technical terms!) moves the catch when the spindle is turned. The top plate is soldered onto the sides of the base plate to hold the whole lot together. Here's the whole thing exploded

      The catch is fitted with the handle in the closed position so that any downward movement moves the cam - which slides the catch back. A compression spring could be fitted to the back of the catch to return the handle to the closed position although as yet I haven't got around to trying this on the actual door - it works OK in mock-up though.

      On my 1/16 model the movement is only about 1-1.5mm but this is because the cam is 2.5mm on a 1.2mm spindle - the amount of movement is obviously regulated by the size of the cam and the hole in the catch and for this reason I haven't put in any dimensions - the point is in the design which I reckon can be adapted for just about any scale.

      Hope someone finds this useful

      Cheers - Martin

      P.S. Thanks to whoever it was that mentioned Google Sketchup in another thread - I've found another toy!!
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    HI Martin,
    Interesting setup. I've been contemplating an operating door catch for my 1/8 scale truck that I am currently building, but mine is all in metal. A friend at work is really good at designing stuff and making things work. He has my door catch all figured out. As soon as he explains it to me, I'll get some drawings posted on it. Hopefully that will be within the next couple of weeks.
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    aahhh...... interesting tech article.

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    It's a good design. I like it a lot.
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