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      This is a short tutorial on the use of magnification while you're trying to add small details to your build. These are the magnifiers I use. They are surgical loupes which I used while I practiced dentistry.

      They are very expensive but you really don't need to run out and get something like this. There are other good alternatives and we'll definitely go over those. Fortunately for me I have access to them.

      The differences in the three are demonstrated by these pics.
      First, this is what I see with 3.5 x mag.

      This is what I see at 5.5x mag.

      And finally, this is what I see at 8.0x mag.

      When you apply magnification, you can see things like this.

      The question you need to ask yourself is "can my model stand up to this kind of scrutiny?" If it can, then you have no need for magnification but if it can't and you can see tons of defects in your picture, then magnification will definitely increase your quality.

      Now as I said before, there are several different alternatives. The first is to go out and buy yourself a set of magnifying loops like the Optivisor. You usually can get these at a good hobby shop or online and they're not expensive at all. They'll run anywhere from $20 bucks to $100, hopefully somewhere around $40. They have a head band that you put on and you flip the magnifying hood down so you can see.

      Another way which is a bit more cumbersome but still effective is the magnifier with a fluorescent ring light. I'm sure many of you have seen these. They can be found in hobby shops and sometimes even at walmart. I definitely saw them at Hobby Lobby. They also come with some add on lenses that will boost your magnification.

      A third way is to find some goose neck magnifying glasses, put one behind the other and try to see what you're doing. If you fiddle with them, they can provide some pretty good magnification.

      The final method is to go out and buy the same things like I have but they are about $1500 bucks a piece. Now I'm not a rich dentist but if I wanted to keep my quality as high as possible, I had to part with the cash as a business expense. That's the only way I could afford them. I've used these particular sets for the last 8 years of my practice and the last 4 years for modeling. This is the actual secret of my success, how I get get such fine detail. Hopefully this will help you become better at what you do.

      Magnification and Fine Details.
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    Another inexpensive option are the reading glases like they have at Wal-Mart. I have a few pairs of them
    x1.5, 2.5, & 4.0. They work fairly well and about $8.00 a pair.

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    Art restorationists, tool and die makers and jewelers also commonly use a "critter" called a Stereo Boom Microscope. I know of one modeler (at another forum) who uses one and the detail he is able to achieve is astounding! They aren't as expensive as you might at first think and they are surely cheaper than surgical equipment. I've found several on line for under $300.00 (US)that incude a digital camera. I've been researching them and their use for months and have decided to take the plunge. I'll keep you posted!
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