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    Where does everyone buy their aftermarket parts? Ie. Wheels, wings, bumpers, etc. Been looking around online but haven't found much as i live in canada. I'm specifically working with 1:24 scale models but any help is much appreciated.

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    May I make a suggestion?

    Look at the progress of Roger's Continental MkII, or Jo's Single Seat Bentley, or really any of the men working from scratch.

    Just use plastic instead of Brass.

    Take it part by part. Anyone can cut, saw, and sand Aftermarket parts Styrene Aftermarket parts . Patience is needed, but look at the body Jo built out of strips of plastic glued to plastic strips. It is almost like making a model out of match-sticks. Simple, really. -or Roger's method of creating an engine block simply by folding sheets of Brass and soldering those folded sheets together, which could just as well be plastic.

    I have an embarrassment of tools! -and too often, they get in the way of working, simple hand work. You don't need a lot of tools.

    Research? It can be difficult. If you know your subject, great! -if you have access to it? -better! Plans are not always available, and for race cars? -almost all race cars are in a constant state of change, so you have to pick a date, a month or year, do the work researching, and go for it!

    Suppliers of printed after-market parts are growing in number. And that looks to be the future. Cast resin Aftermarket parts parts require an original pattern, then a mold, and then of course to cast a part. RTV Aftermarket parts rubber for molds has a pretty long shelf life, but the resins used do not. Overhead for a cottage industry is a big concern.

    EBAY? Model swap meets? Modeling forums? Model magazine forums, which are another trend as these traditional outlets suffer from increasingly shrinking circulation!

    Try the scratch-built route, it's easy, the water over here is fine!
    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination

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    I tend to gather my parts from kit bashing Aftermarket parts and finding discardable materials and re-purposing them as well as coming up with ways to fabricate from raw materials. I tend to do mixed media in that regard, i.e., not everything is made of styrene Aftermarket parts but sometimes metal, or rubber, etc. You might also look into some of the 1/24 RC resources as sometimes you can get wheels and tires and also wings - especially the type used on drift cars which are popular add ons these days. Obviously the 3D printing resources mentioned before allow for some pretty precise fabrications of detailed parts. Good luck with your builds.

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    I model mostly in 1/24-1/25, and what I can't get from other kits, I make from scratch. As it's been said, the techniques seen here work just as well with plastic as they do with metal. Companies like Evergreen and Plastruct sell styrene Aftermarket parts stock in just about shape and size you could want.

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