I bought a K71 model in france a year ago. It was already built and coming with a nice display in wood and glass bottom to see under . a name plate in br model pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_211227-jpg. A name plate in brass was on the side of the case model pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_212300-jpg. and under the display the serial number 710072 model pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_215926-jpg . I read on some forum that Pocher was doing themself some models in italy to send to the customer who will sell their products, and that the display case was like this one and coming with the bass name plate . So maybe the number 71 is for K71 and 72 for the unit number. My goal is to determin the exact orrigin of the model . if somebody have info that will be great . thank you and see below some pics of my little car
model pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170112_180354-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170111_171328-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170111_165646-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_175909-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_180336-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_180352-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_211353-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_180142-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_211411-jpgmodel pocher K71 authenticity-img_20170217_211157-jpg