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    i am very familar with tamiya heller 15 six traction avavt 1/8 . is this a difficult build

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    This can be a large project.Currently I am struggling with a Pocher model (nothing fits). Believe the Citroen has similar difficulty. There is a DVD made by Roy mattblack some pics are on this forum

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    Yeah, it is difficult. I'm building the 1:8 Heller Avant traction since two years (but not very intensively and with bigger breaks). At Scalemotorcars are three artist who did build the Avant and finalized them in excellent ways. Its like the story of love and hate. I love to look at the images. They are so "naturalistic" that you could win prizes if there would exist TV show named "Whats real size and whats a scale modell". I needed these pictures, since they always helped me when the manual was not explaining enough. But it's also frustrating how excellent these builders. That excellent that for sure I never will play on the same level. I will feel like a winner by just finish this Avant (Im about 70% on the way). Basically this Heller is very detail model. But every thing is in plastic. So a lot parts are sometimes too weak for there function. I experienced that at my today's building status parts break while I continuing building - often due to my wrong acting but also due to their weakness. I started in the beginning of the 90ies with Pocher (Bugatti Surprofile) but stop in the mid of the nienties due to my my family situation (3 kids, limited space). I more a builder than a "finalizer" (here in Germany they call it "supern" what is an artifical German-English word). With Pocher you build a lot modules with screw etc. and had the opportunity to take it apart again to "super" it. Well in the 90ties we didn't had the Internet and no other feedback about the quality of your model than of your friends plus the community in an around the shop (for me it was Rettkowsky in Hamburg) where you buy the model. So shortly: the "Avant" is very complicated kit. It is very detail like a Pocher, but due to the fact that it is all plastic it is of a somehow lower quality level. But if you like it and use it as a way to calm down (sometimes you get stuck and have to like meditate over it to find the next steps) it's absolute worth it. Regarding matdoms inputl: the old Mr. Rettkoswky (a legend in Hamburg who unfortunately died in the beginning of the 21st century) told me several times the Pocher manual (valid also for the Heller manual) are intentionally unexact and sometimes incomplete and the parts are sometimes intentionally unprecise to put the demands for the builder on a higher more threading level! I leave it to you whether this it the truth or the wise words of an old man to motivate a (in those days) young beginner.
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