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06-18-10, 11:41 PM
Been while since I posted about the Boydster II Trailer, gave up on that since these are now out of production and used cars are hard to find, and keep, they resale pretty fast.

Which brings me to My question. No replacement tires exist for these and I would like to find someone who wants to take on this task.

I have new tires to make molds from and can loan them out for anyone who wants to be a supplier for these.

www.boydcoddingtonrccars.com (http://www.boydcoddingtonrccars.com/)


06-19-10, 01:05 PM
Boy it's been about a year. Welcome back...1thumbup1

Tires are tough but Alumilite makes a decent RTV for doing tires. If your planning on only doing a few I suggest you make a plaster 3 part mold. There's plenty of tutorials online for that. After you have the mold all you need is the RTV and one of those cheap pressurized paint sprayers from Harbor Freight. Use the pressure pot to cast the tires in so you get a good casting.

Aside from that,you can also try Shapeways | Passionate about creating (http://www.shapeways.com/). They do an RP in a rubber type material. You would need the 3D file but maybe one of the guys from TDR can help with that.

Or, now that I think of it you may be able to just order the tires custom made from them...

06-27-10, 11:21 AM
Thanks for your reply.

Being laid off going on 19 months now money is pretty tight. So I ask a favor....

If anyone who has the equipment already and wants to try this, I can send you a pair of tires, 1 front and 1 rear. Or all four if thats how you do them in one set.

Assuming that they would need the wheels also. is not a problem. I just need the originals returned.

I want to get started on this because sooner or later someone else will.

( I wish I had the talent to do sheet metal fenders and bodies for the discriminating collector )

I have had only 2 requests for "different styles" of wheels but I think the mags that are already on the rc car is nice enough.

If anyone reading this wants to do 4 samples, and after I get them and check them out in person I will endorse them on Boyd Coddingtons Rc American Hotrods (http://www.boydcoddingtonrccars.com) and on ebay if they choose to market them there or I can for them as a "dropship" item.

please reply to me directly if you anyone is will to do these on a long term basis. At first will probably be "to order"


By the way.... THANKS TONS for who referred me to the low run of plastic chroming for the 1-6th scale nascar wheels. they turned out great and Rob did a great job.

All of the cars with chromed wheels can be seen here including the corrected Napa 1-6th scale Nascar Rc car.

1-6th scale Nascar Rc Car Chromed Wheels (http://teamupnascarrccars.net/)

Sooner or later these tires TOO will become scarce The company stopped production and no longer makes them but they have a few extra for while.

Wish I could get someone to reproduce clear body shells for these. I have alot of requests for them too.

Guys thanks again.

hopefully it wont be another year... love this site and the guy who makes the T chassis. talk about patience.

( had to sell my Pocher kits off to make truck payments, yes I had had them since the original Kmart Sale in the 70s)