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03-17-15, 05:08 PM
I started making the recovery of Napoleon coach built for fischers body contest craftsman guild in 1932, is a very delicate piece and which is badly damaged, it is my interest to recover as it was in 1930, so I'll try to make the broken parts same as the origin. those are missing, I'll do them from the original plan I have. in the construction of my coaches I always like to start the wheels, is what I'm getting in the carriage of Napoleon, the wheels are already consolidated and sanded, ready to lead a coat of primer paint. here are some pictures of this work. José.
http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/10.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/004_zpssgn2wzcw.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/11.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/016_zpsxv5zti6m.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/12.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/014_zpsfa2bil7w.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/13.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/008_zpslayzpmuh.jpg.html)

03-20-15, 04:01 PM
Arestauração wheel has been slow because it is a very delicate task, given the state they were in. after consolidation, I gave the first primer layer, then back to be rectified and another layer or two of primer before painting. the rims are made of metal, as this is difficult to paint I chose to oxidize the hoops, with very good results giving the very old iron appearance.

http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/14.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/003_zpsiwv1mauo.jpg.html)

http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/15.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/005_zpsnyphiswp.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/16.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/004_zpswbdwwj1c.jpg.html)

03-23-15, 03:58 PM
Today I finished the restoration of the carriage wheels, as you can see, the rims were oxidized, they seem a more natural appearance of aging, the next steps will be the reconstruction of the axles, front and rear, which are broken, so I'll have to build new from the original plan, some pictures of the wheels.

http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/17.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/001_zpsn2n9dtbq.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/18.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/002_zpseftn8l1j.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/19.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/003_zpsmz7cs8tq.jpg.html)http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/03/20.jpg

03-24-15, 12:06 PM
Beautiful work Jose. I think that your wish to refurbish this piece of history is fantastic. For those not familiar with the original contest that was the origin of the type coach that Jose is working on please have a look here http://www.jitterbuzz.com/fisher.html. this article also contains another coach from the same contest that was found in some trash and rescued. The history of the contest and why it was originated is a fascinating read all by itself.

04-30-15, 12:56 PM
Thank you for you coments.

05-05-15, 05:21 PM
After some hard work and time consuming, this is the state in which the reconstruction of the carriage of Napoleon is, the lower part is almost finished, a few more pitches and finishes and I'm starting to rebuild the most complex and difficult part the coche.aqui body will some progress photos.

http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/05/43.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/007_zpsfys6adgp.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/05/44.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/008_zpsow5qhcjy.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/05/45.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/006_zpshjlz8hjx.jpg.html) http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/images/imported/2015/05/46.jpg (http://s830.photobucket.com/user/josecardosobrito/media/005_zpsfgjiiqe2.jpg.html)

05-20-15, 04:36 PM
After some time of hard work and complicated the restoration of the coach of Napoleon's over the bottom of the carriage, today finished pole, the next step will be the restoration of the carriage body, a big headache for this work to be restored , materials with nearly 90 years are very degraded and some missing, it will be an adventure to recover this coach that has a lot of history. about G.M..Well, after dominating the photo post, I decided to change the previous images, as they were very small and little perceptible about promenores they have, I hope it is bette

05-20-15, 04:48 PM
Try to use bigger pictures 3-500 KB

05-21-15, 02:36 PM
Looking good but Egon is right, please try and upload larger pics.

Also moving this to the correct forum. gringrin

05-22-15, 05:27 PM
Egon Hi, thanks for watching, I copy photos from photobucket, some tips as I enlarge the photos? Thank you Jose.

05-22-15, 06:00 PM
You can upload photos directly in to your thread by click on +GO ADVANCE below here, upload photographs, add file, chouse file from your computer or camera and click upload, photo will show up in your folder, drag photo in to Attachments below, click done, file will show in text at uploaded photographs, click submit. finished. You done it before just use larger files.
I can see your photos are only 160x120 pix,
When you got it you can go back and upload the larger photos in your thread, edit thread, delete photos, upload new ones.

05-23-15, 02:08 PM
pictures test

05-23-15, 02:25 PM
Ok. Egon, thanks for the tip, it worked, thank you for interest in seeing the progress of the recovery and restoration of the carriage of Napoleon, the history of this coach is directly linked to GM's automotive world in the 1930s.
this will be a long and slow work, but very interesting for me recover this coach with nearly 90 years old. Thank Egon.

05-23-15, 07:16 PM
Mush better now we can see what your building, looks great, 14kt real goldplate ?

Dr Dave
05-24-15, 08:54 AM
Nice work Jose. I've always wanted to build a coach, but I'll watch your work instead.
Can't wait to see this finished, and I'm glad you've got the larger photos worked out.

05-24-15, 01:13 PM
Dr Dave, thank you for your consideration and thank you for posting. I hope you will enjoy seeing some of my work in coaches, because this is my hobby and my passion, the big problem in this area is that there are no building plans for sale, I go in the museum of coaches in Lisbon and shot hundreds photos, measurements and designs to make the coaches all my works are made will scale 1/10 except the coach of napoleon scale 1/12. here are some more pictures of the progress of the restoration of the coach of Napoleon. Thank you Jose.

05-25-15, 04:37 PM
For those who like appreciate and admire this kind of modeling like me, here I send some pictures of my last job, before beginning to restore the carriage of Napoleon, this carriage is a replica will scale 1/10 the original is on display in the national Coach Museum in Lisbon, the construction took about two years, the doors open and close the windows go up and down the stairs are folding inside, the materials used were wood metal beech various thicknesses, the tissues were silk and velvet, paints used were Tamya acrylic paint the silver decorations were made in silver foil, the lamps are made of acrylic glass, this is just one of my many coaches built over several years, will soon show more some coaches who I think is interesting to show and disseminate this kind of modeling so passionate and so rare to see.


05-25-15, 09:49 PM
Very impressive work! I am curious - why do coaches and even more utilitarian horse drawn wagons have so much positive camber on the axles set as they do? Is it because when the coach is loaded up the axles flatten out more so they are set to act as a suspension system? Or do they handle better when pulled as in a minimal contact patch of the wheel rim?

05-26-15, 02:53 PM
Hi Larry, thank you for your comment, it is very relevant because almost everyone notice this promenor the angle of the wheels, although it is higher in some other vehicles. this coupe carriage two places, is a light vehicle, and can be drawn by two horses, is also an apparatus of vehicle for large ceremonies that took place in the nineteenth century. the front wheels is 7 degrees and back 5, this inclination has among other purposes worth the effort lateraldas wheels in curves and improve vehicle stability and prevent collapse of the rays, the vehicle's weight is centered on the center of the cube the wheel.
I hope I have given the answer to your Remark, more observations are welcome ok ?. Greetings Jose.

05-27-15, 02:22 PM
As you can see, after nearly 90 years the timber shrank, so I'll have to do a graft to fill this space, I tried to find the most similar wood possible, but in this situation it is almost impossible because join softwood to hardwood, It does not work well. however I will recover what is possible to do, what I do is not possible from the original plans I have, here are some pictures to see the progress of the restoration.28172281732817428171

05-30-15, 12:55 PM
Here are some pictures as we make the coach seats, first I cut the wood in some extent, the wood used is alder and for the back seat used wooden cone, then do the recesses and holes to pass the ropes, for the French us, next time I'll show you how I padded seats and gives the fabric I use.28207282082820928210

05-31-15, 01:06 PM
This was my first work in scale model horse drawn vehicle, about 30 years ago, is a 1/10 scale model, very suitable for beginners in this type of modeling, because it allows familiarization with all parts and materials inherent in these vehicles. all necessary parts to the construction's in the box, the wood is of good quality, as well as the rest of the materials.

06-04-15, 02:23 PM
For those who like to see how the seats are done, here are some pictures, as I do them. after pasting the sponge buds, I used white wool to line seats, the velvet is only glued at the ends behind the seats, is passed into the grooves of a row seats to enhance the effect of the buds, the French we are made as see in the pictures, give a very nice effect on the upholstery of the seats.

06-14-15, 12:15 AM
Great job on your restoration work! 1thumbup1

06-16-15, 02:32 PM
Hi Kenneth, thanks for looking, and comment, this is a slow and time-consuming work, now I finished the seats and backs, and i start to make the armrest, these were missing, I'll do them from the wood I use is beech, I like working with this wood, the magnificent qualities she has.28388283892839028391

06-19-15, 02:30 PM
More some progress in coach body reconstruction right now I'm doing the recesses of the windows and doors, this is a very interesting detail that gives emphasis to the whole coach, this forces to do, new frames into and out of the windows, as notIt is possible to use machines for this purpose, I use the xacto and several thicknesses of sandpaper.

06-20-15, 04:28 PM
For those who enjoy this type of transport vehicles, here are some photos of him that was my second job in modeling of horse transport vehicles, this is a carriage post office from the 18th century, in 1798 was the postal transport between Lisbon and Coimbra, about 230 km. for 40 hours.
this model will scale 1/10 was done by me from measurements and photographs of the original model that is on display at the Museum of foundation of transport and communications in Lisbon. This carriage was pulled by four horses.


Dr Dave
06-20-15, 07:46 PM
Very nice seat upholstery Jose. I can see that you are putting a lot of time and effort into this restoration. You are lucky that you have a museum to visit.
I enjoy looking at your photos. Keep up the great work. 1clap1

06-21-15, 03:17 PM
Hi, Dr Dave, thanks for the nice compliment to my work, I am glad to know that you appreciate these constructions of coaches, briefly, I'll show here some of my more unusual works, I built over these 30 years, I have privilege to be able to go to the museum and take pictures many measures and sketches because plans of these coaches simply do not exist, a hug Joseph.

06-25-15, 01:24 PM
Please do not look at the disarray of my work bench, that's how I like to work, have all at hand tool, today gave the first primer coat in the coach body, for testing windows and doors, so I will know how many primary layers and ink I'll be able to paint in corpo.as I usually use is the vallejo for interior ivory, and light and dark blue blue tamya, still missing a few patches, but will slow and easy, here are some photos of the work progress.2844628447284482844928450

06-27-15, 02:50 PM
For those who appreciate and enjoy this type of modeling, here are some pictures of the first coach I built some 20 years, this is a replica will scale 1/10 the coach of Maria Francisca of Savoy, this coach is French origin of the seventeenth century, and is on display at the national Coach Museum in Lisbon.

06-30-15, 03:03 PM
After giving the first body painting layer while it dries, I'm moving on hangers, as you can see in the pictures of the four hangers only one had the whole ears, so I had to make a graft to put the eyelets missing the wood used for this purpose was boxwood, this wood is very tough and suitable for this type of work, then be sanded and then the hangers will be golden with dourada.aqui sheet are a few photos to see how I do this work restoration.

07-03-15, 02:14 PM
The hangers are completed and gold as well as the 2 center lids, however started to make footman's rail and brackets, they are almost ready too, the brackets are welded silver in 4 points. here are some photos done, I hope you enjoy seeing.

07-04-15, 01:31 PM
Here are some more pictures of my coaches collection that I built over the years.
This is a coach apparatus, of French origin of the second half of the seventeenth century, this model is built will scale 1/10, and the original is on display at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon, this model took about two years to be completed, the inside is lined with red velvet, the roof is covered with natural leade, wood I used is beech, gold leaf was used for the gilding, the doors open and close the windows descend and ascend.

07-10-15, 02:16 PM
After the hangers concluded, it is time to start with the paintings, the basic color is light blue, dark blue, and ivory to the inside, the inks used for painting are Tamya and Vallejo, the most suitable paints and I I like to use to paint with airbrush. after being finished painting it is time to start putting together the pieces inside the corpo.mais some paint pictures.


07-11-15, 01:52 PM
For those who appreciate and enjoy seeing these works from my collection here are some photos of the crown of the carriage, this building is a replica of the original will scale 1/10 that is on display in the museum of coaches in Lisbon. this is a carriage séculoxlx of English origin, more precisely in 1824, was built in London to King Carlos penultimate king of Portugal, this carriage circled the last time, during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II of England to Portugal in 1954, this was my 5th coach building construction time about two years.


07-11-15, 11:43 PM
The paint detail is quite amazing on your coaches! And for that reason, I am surprised to see you are spraying on this current restoration, but you certainly know what you are doing. Great work!

07-12-15, 01:30 PM
Hi Larry, I'm very grateful to his remarks, and thank you for seeing my work. I agree with you about the paintings, but the coach that I am recovering and restoring, it is even painted in two colors on the outside and inside ivory, plans to build I'm following are original from 1930 and they send paint outside the body to light blue and dark blue, like I'm doing.
At the moment I'm doing the initial door shield, it is made of several parts as you can see in the image.28659286602866128662

07-12-15, 06:21 PM
Great work, where do you find the drawings.

07-13-15, 02:09 PM
Egon Hi, thanks for coming, good to hear your comments. plans for the carriage of Napoleon, I say come from USA john thompson planes. and the big problem for my coaches that I have made, there are no plans for any lado.então I have to go to the museum to take hundreds of pictures of detail, many drawings and sketches measures to get to the coaches, this is the reason because they spend a lot of time to build, about 2 years. a hug Jose

07-19-15, 12:32 PM
This is my favorite coach, I built a few years atrás.ele is not very beautiful, but it is unique worldwide, of Spanish origin sixteenth century, this coach came from Spain to Portugal by road during the visit of King Philip ll in 1619, and stayed here and is on display at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon.
Very rare régea car copy. this coach is the oldest car in the museum.
This carriage can be considered archaic face ace features that coaches will come to the box opens with windows suspended by straps replacing the curtains. The exterior is coated with black leather preach drawing geometric motifs, the interior is lined with carved velvet on a yellow background. Under the seat cushions is a useful evacuation system in a vehicle intended for long trips.
An ark to save travel utensils replaces the driver's seat.
The structure of the front axle is still heavy and difficult to maneuver the coach was drawn by six horses.
This model is built will scale 1/10 and took about two years to be built. some pictures for your enjoyment. José Brito.2869828699287002870128702

07-28-15, 02:43 PM
Some more progress in the recovery of the coach.

the construction of the roof moldings are made of beech wood, are then gilded with gold leaf. These moldings are made from the construction plan, these parts were missing or were never built inicialmente.mais some pictures of this work, to lack a layer of primer and after tune after are golden.2874128742287432874428745

07-30-15, 03:07 PM
As you can see in the images, the leather straps and leather spring hanger original straps are badly damaged, parched and broken, so I had to make all new, they are made in natural leather.
Also already started to brown the eagles and columns of the corners, these are golden gold leaf, .this work goes through three stages, the first four columns are pickled sanded 2 layers of primer, sanded again and then gilded with gold leaf as You can be seen in the photos.


08-01-15, 10:12 AM
More some progress in gilding of moldings and decorations coach of Napoleon, and the way this work is done.28815288162881728815A few years ago, I went to a major shopping center and found this unusual vehicle to promote the sausage products, its origin is unknown, but it seems that was used in Germany and Austria in the last century, so I asked permission to taking measurements and photos, and built this magnificent piece will scale 1/10, all done in varnished oak, everything works like the original model, the brake is actionable from the crank, the suspension springs are pliable and lantern light and off. few pictures to be able to enjoy this rare vehicle, but very interesting.2881828819288202882128822

08-02-15, 03:04 PM
No no, not yet ready, there is still a long time to be completed, only a load test to coordinate the springs and the suspension belts, it is very important this work, to balance the body with the undercarriage, this whole set is veryIt weighed about 5 kg and the control of very rigoroso.algumas hanging pictures to see progress.

08-03-15, 11:26 AM
I have to laugh because the "stance" of sports cars is so crucial to their look, and is now a highlighted aspect of the customization of Japanese cars with their air suspensions, low profile rims and tires, and added fender flares. I never would have guessed that in building a wooden coach you would also have to set it up to have the right stance. Great work.

08-03-15, 04:31 PM
Hi Larry, thanks for the comment, but it's true.

08-04-15, 09:28 AM
For those who appreciate and admire this kind of work, here are some more photos of one of my favorite coaches, it is equal to what I'm rebuilding now, it was made from scratch, like all my models,, history Fischers Body Craftsman Guild, GM, fascinated me a lot, so I bought the plans in USA and built this work of art five years ago, everything is functional, as doors open and close windows go up and down the steps are folding one touch your finger on the body springs walk, the side seats and ceilings are lined with natural white skin the ceiling is lined with natural white silk, fringed with gold thread, all frames as eagles, twisted columns, they are made by hand and gold the gold foil. some pictures to clarify this construction. thank you for seeing.
28829288302883128832Here can be seen the delicate work of the ceiling2883328834Here you can see the open folding the steps288352883628837In this photo can be seen lining of natural leather seats Capitone and its intricate shape, which were to be lined all luxury cars.288382883928840

08-06-15, 12:27 PM
Excellent detailed work! Do you have any construction pictures that could be shared to see in progress techniques of this beautiful build.
Keep up the great work you are doing!

08-06-15, 01:46 PM
Hi Kenneth, I am grateful for your interest in this notice and at my work,
Yes you can see this building step by step from scratch in this address if you have any trouble finding tells me please. thank you for seeing.

08-07-15, 02:20 PM
Continuing with the restoration progress in the coach Napoleon, here are some methods I use to make the frames twisted wire, and are a very showy and decorative element of the coach body, as you see the metal wire 1.25 mm thick is bent and twisted with hand drill with 28 laps to see the decorations have left and right twist.28855288562885728858Here we made with half the fitting twisted wire thickness to 50% filing in order to the base to secure the body are made 0.75 diameter holes for nailing into place.28859

08-08-15, 03:50 PM
This is one of my latest works, is a landau built will scale 1/10 and is a replica of the original Landau, on display at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon this landau belonged to the first president of the Republic of Portugal in 1910, which used for official travel, Estea vehicle is of French origin, nineteenth century, was built by the famous house Mulbacher carriages of Paris.
The model, the roof is hinged doors open and close with spring in the lock, the windows go up and down, the inside is lined with blue silk, as in the original, the cover is made of natural black leather, the wheels already have in rubber wheels as you can see. some more photos of the build.
288602886128862288632886428865Here is an exposé in Cascais two years ago.

08-08-15, 06:08 PM
Beautiful work Jose, I wouldn't mind a long trip in that blue coache with a splendid lunch in the forest with the young royal princess.

08-12-15, 05:01 PM
as you can see in the pictures, the coach of the body is almost finished, right now I'm finalizing moldings in rope twist. the body rope moldings design, were built in many materials such as metal pressed rope etc. I built these moldings in metal wire 1.5 mm thick, a few more pictures of progress of this work.2887228873288742887528876

08-15-15, 10:15 AM
This landau, is my favorite that I built because it is connected to the end of the monarchy in Portugal in 1910, this landau followed the royal family, King D.Carlos and wife and two children, and the king was assassinated in this official trip . The original landau is on display at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon. where I was taking the steps to make this building will scale 1/10, it is as the original, everything is functional, as doors open and close windows go up and down, the soft top opens and closes, the brake is functional as the original through a worm screw, the lamps light up, it is possible to see the holes of bullets on the door on the left, and the wheel hub is possible to see my name engraved, as usual manufacturers do, the roof is made of leather natural black color, the interior is lined with light blue silk,
So I kept this model to the end of my collection of models. I hope you enjoyed seeing all my work, I am available for any clarification or information about this work, thank you for seeing.
28886Here, in an exhibition, I show this landau, how it all works, the lady on the right is the director of the National Museum of coaches, my guest.288872888828889288902889128892

08-28-15, 02:52 PM
Final restoration of the coach of Napoleon, today was completed, as you can see in the photos, the original pieces, which were in good condition, have been carefully preserved, those that were broken or damaged, were replaced by new parts made from the original plan as well as those at falta.o driver's seat has been carefully cleaned, it was very dusty and some maselas, but he is one of the most emblematic pieces of this coach, some trouble finding material for this type of work, for example fabrics and haberdashery materials similar to the original. but calmly and patience everything is solved. I wish you enjoy and appreciate this work. thank you for seeing.2899028991Images before and after the rebuilding2899228993289942899528996289972899828999

Dr Dave
09-10-15, 07:20 AM
Beautiful work Jose. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I have really enjoyed watching this coach come together.

09-11-15, 02:18 PM
Hi, Dr. David, thank you for your nice comments about my work, it's good to know that people like to see my coaches thumbnails, thank you.
At the moment I am building a showcase to house the coach, all my coaches are housed in acrylic glass display cases of 3 mm, to protect them from dust and any accidents that may occur if repair the coaches that use suspension leather straps, you have a support underneath the body to keep the springs and the straps. some pictures as I do the windows.
290522905329054290552905629057This one will be my next work, a carriage Malaposta, of French origin and used in 1864 between Lisbon and Coimbra, it took two days to travel about 200 km.
As you know there are no plans of these vehicles, so I have to do a tremendous job taking many measures, do many sketches and drawings and take photographs promenor hills, and only after that I start to construction.29058

01-04-16, 07:49 AM
I wish a good year to all of you with good health and good humor, for new projects in 2016.
I have been very busy lately, I was preparing my exhibition in Olhão, Algarve, where my coaches will be exposed until late next month of February, if any of you come to Portugal, Algarve, please do not miss the opportunity to visit the Municipal Museum of Olhão, and see live the maquettes of my coaches,
Also have been doing research on my new job the postal carriage, make drawings and plans to start construction, as you know there are no plans of these vehicles, so I need to do it all, this is a postal carriage of French origin, she was the carriage of mail, passengers and goods between Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto in 1859, she is a very robust and sturdy carriage and also already had some comfort for passengers a luxury for these ancient times, already had 1st class 2ªclasse and economic class, on the roof. it carried about 10 to 12 passengers, it was pulled by powerful horses 4 Belgian to have an idea of ​​dimensions, it has a maximum length, 4.5 meters, 2.7 meters height and width will build metros.eu 1.70 will scale 1/10, as I like to do. Here send some photos to apreciarem.cumprimentos Jose2959529596295972959829599

01-09-16, 01:35 PM
Well, after gathering all measures, sketches and drawings, it's time to get to work, as always I like to begin construction by the wheels, for this you need to do some jigs to work out well, so here are some the construction of the wheels pictures, I hope you ye love to see.29634296352963629637296382963929640

01-16-16, 01:05 PM
As you can see from the images, the exterior of the box is almost complete, the side sections of the front and rear, are made separately, as can be seen, for the sake of facilitating the work and a better perfection in finish and better clarity in prominors, also gave a primer paint on the access door on the back, to test the colors and see how they fit in together, I hope you enjoy watching this progress, thanks for visiting my blog.


01-13-18, 02:52 PM