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03-08-15, 09:43 AM
This is the hobby of my passion, building miniature coaches escala1 / 10, I have several coaches built by me will scale 1/10 between them I have fischers body craftsman GM guild, 1930, do not know if anyone here in the forum is remember this contest of GM? so I'm waiting for come to my house a lot of pieces that I bought on Ebay, a coach participated in the contest fischers body craftsman guild, 1930, when he arrives I will begin to restore and rebuild it, although it is more difficult to restore which make from scratch, but is delighted to recover a piece with a lot of history, to the scale model of horse lovers here's my blog address. Josť greetings.

03-15-15, 03:14 PM
I suppose that some forum members aware of fischers body craftsman guild in building the coach of Napoleon in 1930. it is a very interesting story, that motivated me a lot to me to buy on ebay auction in this lot of pieces of a model built in 1932 by mr. Leora Emmerich. I'll try to rebuild this magnificent piece, respecting the original design, many pieces are missing, many of them are broken, broken I will replace with new ones, but equal, those missing I will make them from plans original I have the GM will be a great adventure to make this restoration of a coach with almost 85 years. Here send some pictures to see how he is. Josť. Greetings.

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