View Full Version : What paint is an accurate match for Ferrari Fly Yellow?

05-31-10, 02:41 PM
I'm planning to paint my Pocher Testarossa Ferrari Fly yellow and would like to match the color as closely as possible. Ferrari code FER102.

I'd stop by my local Ferrari dealer, however there isn't one. Pep Boys doesn't stock Ferrari paint either. I wonder why.

Anyway I was thinking Tamiya TS-47 Chrome yellow or TS-34 Camel yellow may work.

Oh, yeah in a spray can would be nice.

Thanks for any suggestions.


05-31-10, 06:34 PM
Hello Ron,

I got the code for Glasurit's Fly yellow: 5204191. They are listing two kinds of Fly yellow. The mentioned one is for the cars of the 80's. A good paint shop can use this number to mix up the right tone by using a colorchart. Porsche's speedgelb (speed yellow) will match as well.

Hope that'll be a little help.



Old Busted Hotness
05-31-10, 09:59 PM
Chrome Yellow is pretty close. It's super bright, maybe half a tick too bright to be "Fly". The Camel Yellow is much darker, almost a camo shade.

Tamiya paints go on real thin, so a good white primer is a must with light colors. Using a light gray primer may tone down the yellow just enough to match, or it could make a mess.

06-01-10, 03:05 AM
Hi Ron, Try ColorRite. They do automotive paint and claim to be able to match just about anything. I bought a 2 oz touch up bottle of 1961-67 Honda scarlet, enough for maybe 40 1/12 scale bikes, and it looks real enough. Fast service too, mine took about 4 days from order to mailbox. It's an acrylic lacquer, so I was concerned about it attacking the styrene. I did a test strip with patches of different primers and a bare patch, there was no noticeable difference so I used Floquil primer with good results. Motorcycle Paint :: Touch Up, Aerosol & Refinish Paint - ColorRite (http://www.colorrite.com/)

06-01-10, 09:14 AM
Thanks gents!

I couldn't find Ferrari Fly yellow, but I did find Porsche Speed gelb.

A little pricey, but it is a custom mix.

Thanks again.