View Full Version : Looking for quality 1/8 scale carbon fiber and carbon kevlar decals

12-18-14, 08:41 AM
I found the real Pocher F40 carbon/kevlar transkit. And although it is pretty nice, I am less than enthusiastic about the detail of it. I think it was well worth it of nothing else but to get the templates but I would prefer to transfer the templates to some higher quality decals. I have found 1/12 scale but yet to find 1/8. Thanks in advance.

01-31-15, 07:40 PM
Yes, I too have been looking for 1/8 scale carbon fiber decals with no avail. I did purchase 1/12 from scalemotorsport.com and applied it to my 1/8 Pocher Aventador and it looks quite nice for the application. I also have purchased the absolute last transkit for the Pocher F40 from Autograph (non numbered) that Ulrich was kind enough to put together from leftovers. That kit is the only source I know of for 1/8 scale carbon fiber. You might want to shoot him an email to see if he can develop something closer to what you are looking for.

02-02-15, 07:30 AM
barchetta 1/8 square pattern: http://www.bestbalsakits.com/tamiya/tamiya-detail.asp?kitnumber=1813
barchetta 1/8 twill weave pattern: http://www.bestbalsakits.com/tamiya/tamiya-detail.asp?kitnumber=1812

Fartifice 'big big scale' twill weave pattern: http://www.bestbalsakits.com/tamiya/tamiya-detail.asp?kitnumber=1848
Fartifice 'big scale' twill weave pattern: http://www.bestbalsakits.com/tamiya/tamiya-detail.asp?kitnumber=1849
Fartifice 'pretty big scale' twill weave pattern: http://www.bestbalsakits.com/tamiya/tamiya-detail.asp?kitnumber=1850