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10-07-14, 05:59 AM
Hi all,

It has been a while. I did some housemoving from Europe to Asia.
Started a new project and I'm going to update as much as possible with pictures.
Little work done already. Long way to go.

Back to the workbench

12-12-14, 06:11 PM
I love this kit and bought one years ago. Let it go recently to concentrate on 1/8 scale. Do you have good research pics? I did collect a few

12-14-14, 03:39 AM
Reference is always welcome.
I will update on Monday. The first pics are just a start up.
A lot has changed to make it a better one I think.

12-15-14, 01:48 AM
Update on my Ferrari 126 C2.
Works on the engine. From the basic kit design not much will be left.
Using a build log from a Ferrari 126 C2 engine in 1/8 scale I'm trying to add more detail to the kit.
Comments are very welcome when it comes to tubing and electrics on the engine.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures. It's a long way to go with the kit.

12-22-14, 12:34 AM
Hi all.
This weekend, whilst waiting for extra parts and update material, I reworked the mounting plates food the exhaust pipes.
Stripped the old ones by replacing it with PE leftover material.
Drilled holes and dry fitted.274602746227463
To keep the exhaust in place, the centre holes have a 'connector' which fits the inside of each exhaust pipe.

03-26-15, 12:55 AM
Hello everyone.

It has been a while since my last post. For a number of reasons building activities stopped.
Beginning of January my mother passed away. So I had to go back to Europe all of a sudden. It took some time after that to get my life in Thailand back on tracks. But I picked up the Ferrari again and somehow a pause is a good thing. Gives new perspectives.
I keep struggling with the plastic material. Over scale and loss of detail. Much of changes to make getting to the point I accept.
Front of the body work show not the complete aerodynamics. So scratch building was needed to make the underside fit.
Material I use comes from scrap. Thin laminated copper plate.
Next pictures show the raw shape of this part from different angles.

Then the internet comes up. Found drawings from the Ferrari 126 C2, build logs I've never noticed and this week I got hand on the building instructions MFH. In particular the tubing and wiring for the engine got my attention. The differences in detail comparing to much bigger 1/8 scale build logs is minor.
Depending on the race version you will have to choose, cooling and piping, exhausts and the front wing are issues. I'm in doubt.
Most of the issues are solved in my case. I reworked the fronts of the cooling. Only used in Belgian GP as far as I know now. So I have to make a small correction on the front wing assembly. I has to move more backwards.
Have to correct the shape of the new inlets.
Later this week I will show some other pictures of re-working and detailing which, to my opinion make a great deal.

Hope you all enjoy.

03-26-15, 02:28 AM
Lunch brake in Thailand, so some more pictures from my recent process on the Ferrari.

Replaced the struts to the engine with brass tubing. Original parts were like spaghetti. Parts that make the roll bar are still from plastic. Not finished yet, but engine is now kept in place like it should be.

Dry fitting of the engine to the monocoque. Looks pretty good. Cut off the pipes that connect the cooling system and will replace them later.
I made new exhaust pipes for the engine, due to my ever changing moods on which racing version to build, I'll still have the option to decide later which one to choose.
Cockpit of the car is still dry fitted. Since I discovered that the interior shown rivets and I found out how the Fire extinguisher is connected it is still work in process.
This is over scaled. Construction of the arms that hold rear suspension are to be replaced in alu plate. At least half the thickness of the plastic.
More later this week.

03-26-15, 12:13 PM
Very nice work!

03-26-15, 12:41 PM
Thank you Brady. Thought I'd do this kit within 6 months.
Did the same Ferrari from Protar 1/24 I believe, years ago.
But without no internet, just being a fan. Now we have access to so much information, one has to draw the line yourself.
One model every year, second in the blocks :-)

03-26-15, 12:58 PM
Wow great looking build
Your engine assembly looks fantastic!
So glad this thread popped up for view

04-10-15, 11:18 PM
2801028011280122801328014A very small update. Decals for the cockpit are in and I started on the extra pipes and inlets for the piping on the engine.Big reference came in from Japan also. Sizes and shapes for the engine can be read from another kit. Ferrari 126 C4M2.
Release date March 2015. I just opened the box to get a view from a first batch production from MFH.
That makes a modeller very happy. My Lotus needs a way more cleaning and fitting is sometimes a real challenge.
Celebrating Songkran in Thailand for me will be a very long weekend of building on my Ferrari 126 C2.

05-05-15, 12:28 AM
Hi all.
Some progress was made over the last weeks.
Slowly crawling to the point of final decisions to made. For the first time the car is standing on her wheels.
I mounted the exhaust pipes and glued the monocoque together.
Nose will be without wing. Also made a part of the cables to fit right.28079280802808128082280832808428085280862808 92808828087280902809128092

05-11-15, 02:46 AM
Hi all.
Started with the construction of all kinds of pipes that are part of the engine cooling system.
Guitar strings and shrinking tubes will do the job for the big pipes I hope.

05-13-15, 10:42 PM
Robert Jan-

Wonderful, wonderful work! I will have to schedule a few hours to study the awesome details!