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08-02-14, 10:23 PM
What happened to this rare and highly prized scale model?
http://www.scalemotorcars.com/gallery/data/663/IMG_8998.JPGhttp://www.scalemotorcars.com/gallery/data/663/IMG_9004.JPG http://www.scalemotorcars.com/gallery/data/663/IMG_9005.JPG http://www.scalemotorcars.com/gallery/data/663/IMG_9008.JPG http://www.scalemotorcars.com/gallery/data/663/IMG_9010.JPG26861

08-02-14, 10:26 PM
Allot of you know I sell online full time and to get all those cool doodads I spend allot of time buying at auctions and shopping thrift stores. So yesterday I was making my normal rounds and what should I find but what appears to be a very rare 1/8 scale Ferrari Fxx built by Amalgam models.

What!!! Who in the hell donates a $7000 model to the local thrift? Now I'm not going to tell you what I paid for it but lets just say it wasn't much.

So now what?

First. Authentication. After that it needs some love. It looks like someone pulled it off the base and let a 3 year old play with it for a few weeks. The center fin is completely gone along with the windshield wiper and parts of the side windows. Thank goodness I have a few of the parts. After that some cleaning and a bit of wax before its off to the auction floor.

If anyone has connections at Amalgam I sure could use a few parts and a confirmation that they actually did build it.

08-03-14, 08:50 AM
What a luckey find and cheap, could you hold the face until you got out of the store 1what1
Maby from a houseclearing or a storeauktion.

I understand they do not open any doors or hoods, could it be your new project.


08-03-14, 09:34 PM
WOW!!! Lucky find!!! Some people have more money than sence, letting a toddler play with a $7K model....[color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color]

08-04-14, 01:18 PM
Not a new project but what I do best, I guess. More of a mild restoration before putting it up for sale. I just cant justify having a $7000 model when I've got kids to home school. AND, I would also like to put a few $$$ aside for a real toy like a 30's classic. 1boring1 (dreaming)

08-05-14, 12:52 AM
A few more pics of the back and the current condition of the paint. I've done absolutely nothing so far to clean it up.


08-05-14, 06:42 AM
You can check if it's Amalgam.

The overall look is a bit 'chunky' for an Amalgam - a friend has two.
The paint finish looks way too thick and some of the detail such as the exhaust tips look toy-ish, but that might just be due to the 'grubby' state of the model.
It's certainly a brilliant find though, but a few emailed pics to Amalgam will confirm.
They are also ace at customer service such as replacement parts if explain you were 'given' it in a poor state.


08-05-14, 12:11 PM
The detail looks somewhat different from the regular red Amalgam version. This is a Michael Schumacher version, which I couldn't find on the Amalgam site, but they will build with custom livery.


[deleted for redundancy]

Looks like the livery on this 1/18 diecast.


08-07-14, 02:10 AM
The pics show it exactly as pulled from the toy shelf at the thrift shop and why the paint looks like crap. I took pics of it exactly as found kind of like the Bugatti Atalante someone found in a garage that if I remember correctly was sold to auction with all that dirt still in place. In the antiques trade that would be called a patina. gringrin

So not to gloat or anything like that but if you consider models and the normal prices they bring that would translate to a very similar situation.

Next step is authentication. Then a sympathetic restoration. Ill fix the most obvious problems then off to the auction it goes.

It would be nice to keep it but I'm going through serious withdrawals and desperately need a full sized hot rod. Its going on 10 years without a toy I can actually drive. Thats not good, not good at all. 1gramps1

08-09-14, 11:11 PM
Amazing find...well done!

08-21-14, 08:41 AM
It would be nice to keep it but I'm going through serious withdrawals and desperately need a full sized hot rod. Its going on 10 years without a toy I can actually drive. Thats not good, not good at all. 1gramps1[/QUOTE]

I completely sympathise.

I recently had my 'mid life crisis' and had my XK8 wrapper in Gulf colours, raceline wheels and sorted brakes/calipers.....


08-21-14, 01:32 PM
Thats awesome. 1wthe1The Porsche 917 Gulf is one of my favorite race cars of all time. 1clap1

08-21-14, 01:36 PM
Hoping to start soon. Had to deal with a retarded hosting company and my regular 9-5 but things are cleaning up. Ill keep you guys posted.

05-21-15, 07:01 PM
Update please, what, how, where, any progressssss, sold ? gringrin

05-22-15, 11:31 AM
No Ive been swamped with my 9to5 so no progress at all. Still sitting on a shelf just waiting... 1gramps1

First thing I need to do is get it authenticated and if Amalgam has any of the small parts its missing.

08-25-16, 10:15 AM
Any update now ?