View Full Version : Pocher Aventador rear hatch fit

05-24-14, 09:51 AM
I am not far enough along with my build to be able to help a customer with this question.

His rear hatch/engine cover (and others I've seen, but not all) sits too high at the front edge with the roof. Does anyone have a solution, or a cause tyat can be corrected?

01-19-15, 10:40 PM
I know this a dated thread, but I just stumbled through the issue recently myself. I was able to get the rear deck cover to sit flat with the roof line by swapping out all the screws around the hinges with flat head screws (not the round head ones in the manual) and by not screwing the sides into the body. Frankly the side screws seemed the bigger culprit - the B and N screws from step 28. When I screwed those in the cover rose up and wasn't even with the roof. Leaving those out got the roof flat but left some horizontal gap between the cover and roof, but there is a bit of a gap between the rear wing and cover so it may just be the design...

01-20-15, 04:47 AM
Ditto the above.
Change ALL the hinge/hatch screws for flat heads. I also did the same and my hatch sits lovely and flat.
There's more than enough spare screws in the kit.


03-12-15, 10:48 AM
Not sure how or why, but my hatches have fit fine and flush using the normal screws, so it's possible.