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02-05-14, 11:31 PM
I've searched both here and on the web without success, so here goes.

Does anyone have a DEFINITE answer as to what the soft part of the seat is made??

Rubber, plastic, etc ???

I am looking to change the color of the seat.

Obviously it will need to be compatible with the material, be quite thin (so as not to hide detail), be able to recolor the seat to a mid to dark grey, and be flexible.

Much searching on the web came up with little besides pool paint(?), commercial products and other products which don't specify compatibility but seem to be more oriented to hard surfaces.

A rattle can would probably give the best cover or I may have to learn how to use the air kit I bought!!!

One product which may fit the bill is Duplicolor bumper paint, but I think that may be too thick.

Has anyone attempted such work and if so to what success?

I see that the new kits have beige and orange seats in the photos. Don't know whether they are new colors for those kits or whether Pocher/Hornby have repainted/colored them to suit.

How does one order "spare" parts for these kits? (in case I screw up)
A website would be most useful.
cheers all

02-05-14, 11:40 PM
I've also just found another product called Plasti Dip.

Anyone know anything about it? Suitability?

02-06-14, 12:09 AM
The seat are made from PVC = Polyvinyl chloride.

02-06-14, 01:40 AM
Yes they are PVC.....
You have to wash the seats before priming and painting.
You should NOT use enamel paints...it will not dry....stay sticky.
PVC should not be near sunlight or near heat.
Some glues glues will NOT stick to PVC
Some solvents also shouldn't be used on PVC.

click on this below:
How to take care of your PVC figure's (http://www.figure.fm/en/post/19118/How+to+take+care+of+your+PVC+figure+s.html)

I think Pocher will be offering parts replacement but not up yet....
There are other parts in the kit that are made of PVC...they are on sprues....use the sprues to test on...then you won't need to buy replacement seats.
Save your money for the transkits, replacement tires and CNC machined rims!

02-06-14, 03:57 AM
WOW....that should just about double the cost of the kit !!!!!

Thanks for the info guys

I've found another product called Vipond TautFlex Air which sounds very interesting

Waiting for a reply to my email


02-06-14, 08:55 AM
I think the best solution for the seats is covering them in leather, and it will hide the gaps in the process. Very thin "scale" leather can be hard to find, but is very easy to work with. Model Motorcars always has a nice selection of colors in the right thickness.

02-15-14, 11:27 AM

Another option is to remove both logos all together....since not all seats have this option....It would be the easiest and cheapest way to fix the problem....You will probably have to sand it off carefully and paint it.

On a side note...Velveteen paper would look nice to mimic a suede interior (carpet and headliner,,floor mats)...also IF you can get the suede spray paint....texture the seat inserts, door inserts, steering wheel and paint to match the velveteen.

Might have to prime the seats inserts first before using the texture spray paint.

02-15-14, 12:43 PM
That does look fantastic! Going to try a piece out?

03-16-14, 11:13 PM
I'm new to this website and am honestly overwhelmed with all the great ideas for overcoming problems and adding things left out of the Pocher Aventador kit. I am reading and learning so much from this forum and website that it has changed my way of building my kit. Now I have read on how NOT to paint the seats with enamel paint because it remains sticky. Very true. Unfortunately, I started my kit before joining this website and spray painted mine. Got the sticky result. Well, how to solve? I took talcum powder and rubbed it into the paint. Problem solved!! Not only did it take away the stickiness, it gave it a velvety feel. I didn't paint the stitching like so many of you because for mine, there are seats that have black stitching. Obviously, this will only work with white paint.

03-16-14, 11:14 PM
Thought to add my idea to this post.