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01-06-14, 03:53 PM
I don't know if this is place to post this thread so apologies if not.

I briefly had a moment to snap one of these up but wasn't sure if it was a good deal!
In case another one comes up I wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about it, other than I know it's rare.
What is it's value like compared to the Coupe & Spider models.
I see it exists as a real car, with mixed reactions!

Any information welcome....



01-07-14, 09:00 AM
The best place to find prices is on Ebay, ended listings, all 3 models are the same parts exc the body.
Yours is perhaps a Little more pricy as it's not as common as the others.

05-19-14, 10:47 AM
Hi Guiddy,

I'm not sure if you still have a chance to get your hands on this model but it is rare. I got the last of these from the Pocher factory in 2002 and have just one left. Speaking of prices, there was a time when I could get $2500 for this kit but the prices are lower now. If you can get it for $1500, it would be a good price.

Have you built any of these Ferraris? How about the Aventador? I would like to hear from someone who has built both. in order to compare.

I've built several Ferraris and have sold many Aventador kits and I have my opinion.

Best Regards,

Rick Shousha

05-19-14, 03:24 PM
In the UK, this kit would go for around 500. I've seen them go for as little as 350.
The 'newer' Pochers (not inc the recent Aventador) aren't as desirable as the classics which are going steadily up in price every week.
Unless you spend a huge amount of time, effort, skill (and money on upgrades) the Pocher Ferrari's and Porches aren't much better than a giant Burago diecast.
Try Ebay, but you might be a bit disappointed with how much it makes.
Mind you, who knows - there are keen Ferrari enthusiasts out there who like these kits.
Or you could enjoy the challenge and build it.

Good luck whatever you decide.