View Full Version : 5 cylinder radial of my own design

07-01-13, 08:25 AM
I have to apologize for the text in this posting. Had I just looked a little down the list I would have seen that I in fact did post the entire build. Duh! I had purchased an 11 inch 3 bladed composite prop to get the engine running but the problem with this and most small engines is the lack of flywheel affect when scaling them down. I then mounted a bronze flywheel to see if I could get the idle down and make the necessary carb adjustments, which I did. With that success I then set out to make the aluminum prop that you see in the video. The blades were machined with an airfoil shape but were left heavier to provide the needed mass without having to resort to mounting a huge prop. This one is 13 inches in diameter. I have since uncovered other issues with it running and am making the necessary changes as I go.