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Old Busted Hotness
07-28-06, 07:36 AM
Starting with a $30 Chinese RC truck and a tricked-out E-Maxx monster truck, I set about combining the two into one project. The full buildup thread is 30-some pages, so I'll just recap the modeling highlights here.

First thing I did was shorten the cab. My 1:1 Ranger is a standard cab, so the model had to be, too.

I mixed up a shade that nearly matches the original Sonic Blue and shot it on.

Eventually, I got the chassis to this point. The rear end is a home-made brazed copper solid axle with a 4-link rather than leafs. Still independent up front.

Reworked the grille using speaker grille from a boombox

Pack of smokes on the dash- scanned a pack, reduced it and did a bit of micro-origami. It's closer to 1/4-1/5 scale, but my hands wouldn't fold the paper any smaller. Sausage fingers, you know.

Rigged a clever mechanism so the turn signals blink when the wheels are turned.

what's this rubbish?

More in a bit

Old Busted Hotness
07-28-06, 07:37 AM
Ah, it's a radio transmitter.

A toolbox fits in the bed, made from the Italeri 1/24 big-rig accessories pack.

Genuine Rogue Element license plates, custom made in 1/6 scale.

Alongside its big brother

inside shot

And I get to drive it! gringrin

07-28-06, 01:33 PM
Thats great. Ive always like R/C cars. Ive got the 2.5 T-maxx my older boy have a Rustler and just got him a RC10T. The little guys has a RC12 (so fast it just goes in circles). Great family fun and I love how you've taken it s step further and brought in the detail. Way to go. l:

hot ford coupe
07-28-06, 02:28 PM
That's great work. Full of detail and it runs too. It doesn't get much better than that.