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03-11-13, 09:39 AM
... picpicThe Rover "Notonecta" is a ship impossible. But, it is a dream of my childhood come true. Because when I was a kid, my brother and I did, a ship with a box and 40 years later, I imagined the ship constructed of various materials. (Custom models.)
Notonecta in the Spanish language, is a flying insect and amphibian pond that goes into pond. And so is the idealized vehicle "Notonecta." An aerial and amphibious ship .... But to see the vehicle "Notonecta" in action, is a video of an amazing adventure dioramas Jurassic. View a video Notonecta dioramas adventure is among dinosaurs.
The vehicle is built "from scratch." It is built ..: with a plastic box to put some tupperware and transparent tools, pieces of other toys, wood, metal, screws ... acrylic resin ... painting.
This is the "Notonecta". ...:


To find the page where the video is going ...:
- Enter my website.
- Scale 1/10.
- Website: CIENCIA FICCION. / Jurassic Park. / PhotoVideo.
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