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11-12-12, 11:37 AM
I'd been looking for another subject to take a run at and happened upon this little guy. I thought that it might make an interesting project but the amount of information available that would allow for suitable and detailed working drawings to be made was in very short supply. To expand on that a bit...I've always found the research part of attempting a build to be as interesting as the build itself. In the case of the Champion. there appeared to be very little available and I'd almost given up when I noticed that there was an actual CHAMPION ANTIQUE GRADER CLUB that exists in Goderich, ON, Canada where the Champion factory existed for many years (until taken over by Volvo). I decided to contact them and sent a message to Mr. Ted Rowe at that location. WOW!...absolutely WOW!. Ted is not only one of the friendliest1thumbup1 and most helpfull folk I've ever met on line but he quite happily advised that the club owns the ORIGINAL blueprints for the 'vehicle in question'. He then offered to photograph the originals and forward same to me (the photo's are copyrighted and I won't reproduce them here - except for the one shown that I received permission to duplicate). That had to be about the easiest research project on record...well, for me, anyways. I've got two in the works right now for well over a year and still not close to being ready for a build...and I know of others that have spent far more time than that in order to research to the point where they HAD enough to do the 'build' correctly.

This is starting to get a bit long but I really wanted to show the 'whole' build from start to completion and the research is a significant part of any build (I'm preaching to the choir here - I've SEEN some of the builds on this site and some of them are astounding and took vast amounts of historical and detailed knowledge to complete1thumbup1)

This model is in its infancy and I'm not convinced I can do it yet (but I'll sure try). the aim is to do it completely in brass...except for the pole for hooking up the horses (no - I'm NOT going to build horses1what1). I've received the first selection (2) of photo's that are a side elevation of the full vehicle. They lack a good deal of fine detail but provide some measurements (and an overall shape) that will allow me to study/measure them to determine what scale I can build in.


I suspect that this will be a VERY slow process - but I'll post progress as it occursgringrin

11-12-12, 11:51 AM

That looks like a great project and I look forward to your postings. We all enjoy the build process versus just the finished pictures.

If you have any questions on brass there are several of us here that work with it now and then.

Ken 1gramps1

11-12-12, 03:52 PM

If you have any questions on brass there are several of us here that work with it now and then.

Ken 1gramps1

he1hehe1hehe1he and...........the understatement of the year award goes to..................he1hehe1he

I suspect there will be quite a few questions....now that you mention it. And thanks for the offer Ken - much appreciated.

Cheers - Gus

11-12-12, 05:24 PM
Go for it Gus ... I'll be watching as well.

Oh Ya ... I TOTALLY agree with the understatement award! That is kinda like saying that Chuck Yeager "did a bit of flying"!



11-17-12, 03:07 PM
I do hope to see this one done as well.
I am very interested in a model of a Plow too...................gringrin

01-12-14, 02:13 PM
Well Gus, It has been over a year since you posted anything on the grader. How is it coming along. If you have any doubt about if you can do it it is coming from you. I have total faith that you are more than capable.


02-22-14, 02:51 PM
Old farm machinery are forgotten and rarely listed ... Great if you do a model of one of the instruments that helped feed the world ... The documentation must be hard to find, good luck!