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Old Busted Hotness
08-07-09, 10:14 PM
This time it's a 70-foot lowboy trailer.

You may (or very well may not) remember, when I built the 53' dry van, I tore apart a Tamiya trailer kit, which left me a bunch of semi-useful bits and pieces.

Some of it became a deck for this rig:


Hint: If you want a good wood stain to simulate old, weathered wood, used motor oil and BBQ ashes works a treat. It stops smelling after a couple days.

A good deal of the rest has gone into this hog:


Shown in progress, still a ways to go. The trailer is about five feet long.


The front section will feature a wood deck, and you can see the trailer-mounted fenders, which will grow some mudflaps. You don't normally see these fenders on a flatbed, but I had the aluminum so what the hey.


Brass walking-beam suspension, with the world's worst airbags shown. I've since replaced them with coil springs wrapped in tape. Not ideal, but they're hidden behind the tires anyway. The shocks are telescoping brass tubes.

The boat is a Chinese RC, picked up in a trade so I'd have something to haul.

08-07-09, 11:08 PM
Beautiful work, OBH, I do like them old corngrinders. Here's an idea for your airbags. My 93 BMW bike has a couple of little rubber accordion boots at the ends of its cables. One would make about 4 airbags. Other bikes use these too, to keep dirt out of the cables, so take a look around a bike shop.

hot ford coupe
08-08-09, 01:28 AM
Great work as usual OBH. Thanks for the tip on the ashes and oil treatment. I;ll try that on the TDR 426 engine box.

Old Busted Hotness
08-08-09, 11:01 AM
Thanks for the tip, Nortley 1thumbup1 I'll see if I can find some. Gotta hit the craft store for some yellow ribbon (tie-down straps) and a bike shop will restore my manhood.

Front mudflaps:


Diamond plate to protect the prop:


Homemade king pin:


#8-32 screw with a couple layers of brass tube

DOT bumper:


Beveled taillight openings:


Old Busted Hotness
08-08-09, 07:26 PM
Almost done.


Stain on the front deck, mudflaps also shown.


Rear deck in place and stained, bumper/taillights/mudflaps installed.


Overall progress. It's a long 'un.

hot ford coupe
08-08-09, 08:04 PM
Do some fancy photography and no one will suspect it's a model. Your sense of realism is astounding. Great work.

Old Busted Hotness
08-09-09, 08:14 AM
More details:


Headache/chain rack, with chains from the craft store (five feet for a buck!)


Oversize banners front & rear





hot ford coupe
08-09-09, 12:28 PM
Absolutely first rate. You got the touch OBH.

Old Busted Hotness
08-09-09, 12:41 PM
Some outdoor pics:




Yeah, it's long


Storage :lol:

Turned out pretty good for a found-materials build. Considering I've got maybe 70 bucks in it, and PMD's lowboy (admittedly with hydraulics) sells for 3 grand, I'm feeling pretty good about it.



08-09-09, 03:11 PM
THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE! Liked the shot of the u-joint and riding on the back of the truck but really - the detail and realness was breath taking.

Don Garrett
08-09-09, 03:37 PM
Loved watching them perform.......1thumbup11thumbup11thumbup11clap11cl ap1

Old Busted Hotness
08-17-09, 10:10 AM
I was looking for something to put on the front deck so the boat wouldn't get lonely. The old 1/12 Mini Cooper fits nicely:


Some flatbedder's laughing his butt off at my securement, I'm sure.

hot ford coupe
08-17-09, 12:58 PM
It just gets bigger and better. Where did you get the Mini?

08-17-09, 01:26 PM
It looks like the 1/12 scale one that Tamiya made.

Old Busted Hotness
08-17-09, 04:41 PM
Yep, that's the one. Been sitting on the shelf for years. About time it got some fresh air he1he

hot ford coupe
08-17-09, 09:55 PM
Way Cool!!!

09-17-09, 01:56 PM
Woooooooow!!!!!!!! That is awesoooooome!!!!!!! Bud, you did some beautiful detail work bud!!!!!!!....great job my friend....1clap11clap11clap1......stormin norman