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Death Proof Nova Model
05-15-09, 09:28 PM
I've got a few more pics of the H-D dragbike I built, which was my first model after a 15 year lay-off from modeling. This model took 3 months to complete. I will try to describe what I did but it's been a while since it's completion and I may forget some things. Easiest I guess is to start front to back. I used the kit lower legs with aluminum tubing tubes. there are springs in them so they do work. Scratched triple trees, clip-ons, numberplate, levers move, steering dampers(2) fuel tanks(2) oil tank, plastic seatbase ( imitation chamois insert) rigid rear, rearsets, shifter and rear brake linkage move, open primary cover (gears made from BIC lighter parts), velocity stack, shut-off tether, Joe Hunt Magneto, black box, fork brace,oil lines, oil filter, oil cooler,fuel petcock, carb linkage and all the decals. Paint is fingernail polish. The last pic should be a shot of the kit bike I started with.

hot ford coupe
05-15-09, 10:20 PM
Beautiful job on the bike. Great mods. 1thumbup1

09-26-12, 09:40 PM
Wow Jim This thing is COOL!!! you will actually be getting a 1100 virago kit with the parts im sending.. its 1/12 started but never completed..Life got in the way..Great build man....