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03-17-09, 05:09 PM
This is a thread to help people who are building the TDR engine/jack stand kit.

I will try and answer all questions and post up some pics to help with construction. It is my intention to do this for all TDR products in their own individual threads. So please keep all posts, in this thread, about the engine/jack stands.

Also, feel free to post up any helpful hints or techniques that you develope while working on these products.

Well, here are a series of pics that will hopefully help in the assembly of the jack stand


03-17-09, 05:59 PM

Don Garrett
03-17-09, 06:28 PM
The pipe smokin' lizard get's this weeks gold star.
That's whole point guys...TDR is putting modeling fun back in modeling....DIY means do it yourself and save a couple bucks on the way. We've done the the imagineering and head scratching thing, along with all non-sense involved. What you get with these DIY kits is a box of fun that you can build to suit yourself....have fun and do 'em your way. That's what modeling is in it's purest form. Maybe you have a have a better way to do yours?

hot ford coupe
03-17-09, 06:31 PM
Thanks Tim. By posting the instruction sheets onto the site, you eliminate the need to include one in the kit. Consider this a money saving option. We should wind up with a nice reference section of instruction manuals. Great work.