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12-06-08, 12:43 PM
Got any great ideas for a future diorama? some story that just needs telling?
Modeler/Artists are by nature very visual people.We all have images locked in our brains that we would love to share with others.Not all of us are writers but we are modelers with our own stories to tell.Regardless of time,money or skill what story would you have in mind?1gramps1

12-07-08, 04:34 PM
Hmmm, I've thought about this for many years and have a quick answer. But I decided to think about the 'story' aspect a bit more since first reading your inquiry John.

When I built architectural models for a living, my ideas started to form around the 1/24 Airfix kits of WWII. Living here in California has afforded me the oportunity to visit the various air museums, airshows, and the Reno Air Races since 1970 and this is where the stimulus began. My idea is a 'warbird' type of modern hanger/shop/office with parking lot and the preparation of an unlimited racer being the focus. I've even drawn out an inline twin engined, contra-rotating prop swept wing unlimited racer fer cryin' out loud!
I've visited a hangar in Hollister that has Merlin engines stacked to the ceiling, superchargers, heads,.... et al.

I would like to replicate something like that, and I've been collecting the neccessary figures, aircraft, cars....... Now to get modeling.

Can I have some of your perserverance? he1he

12-07-08, 09:51 PM
Hi Matt! I really like your idea of an unlimited racer type diorama.It allows you lots of freedom to build warbirds and not get all bogged down with military rules and regs as to colors,markings equipment etc..
I sure envy you your time around the those museums and air races.Hopefully one day I will make it to Reno myself.
As you know the most important part of any diorama is a strong storyline.One that immediately pops to mind when thinking of racers would be to borrow the old fighter pilots hand gestures when describing how he got on the tail of his enemy.You know with palms flat out one behind the other in chase position.You probably have lots of other ideas for storylines having actually been there.
Are you thinking of doing yours in 1/24 scale?1gramps1

12-08-08, 12:29 PM
I chose 1/24 because of the availabilty of like scaled items for the shop, fugures, tools, the obligatory cool car, and even 1/144 scale aircraft to replicate an R/C 'model'.

John, you're right about the ability to use a modern setting and not be constricted to period items and accuracy. I've already built the Fw-190 and have a P-51 waiting.
With Trumpeter's Grumman Bearcat,....... Can you say "Conquest 1"?
Whoowee I'm in hog heaven!

12-08-08, 12:54 PM
I love all those aircraft that you are talking about.It would be great to see them in a diorama setting especially in 1/24 scale.
Do you have a floor plan or drawing worked out yet? I find that building a rough foam board mock up really gets the juices flowing.1gramps1

12-13-08, 09:40 PM
Yes John, I've had a sketch made out for a long time with the story line in mind, just not on 'canvas'.


Isn't anyone else going to join this 'sketchpad' of ideas?

Lancair IV
12-13-08, 10:14 PM
Some of you have been folowing my Wright Flyer diorama build. I plan on having it completed on 12/17 for the 105th aniversery of the day the 1903 flyer flipped over several times slightly injuring John T. Daniels making him the first casualty in powered aviation history.

Next in line is maybe a 1/48 B-29 Super Fortress getting armed for a mission.


04-19-09, 01:41 PM

I plan scenery of a fire-brigade employment in such a way since longer around 1920 in Scale 1/16.

The model of a Dennis engine fire engine and some figures are already finished.

I plan the scene according to an employment in an industrial building.
Since here still further vehicles are to find their place, it becomes a very large Dio.

As surface area flat I a size of 1,60 x 0,60 meters, with a height of approximately 80 cm.
If this is times finished hopes I which I it at my fire-brigade in the showroom subordinate here may.

With me have I for it absolutely no place.

04-19-09, 02:34 PM
Hey! that sounds great.Good luck with it.Don't worry there is always a place for good artwork.Cheers! John.1gramps1