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mad mike
12-03-11, 06:21 AM
Hello guys,

just found something interesting on ebay, and I'd like to ask for your opinion (and maybe for some help from any Italian-speaking member):

BUCHUNG EINES HARZMUSTERS DES LAMBORGHINI MIURA SV WAGENS SCALA 1/8 no pocher | eBay (http://www.ebay.de/itm/BUCHUNG-HARZMUSTERS-LAMBORGHINI-MIURA-SV-WAGENS-SCALA-1-8-no-pocher-/170736603337?pt=Spielzeugautos&hash=item27c0b1d0c9#rpdId)

Article number 170736603337 on ebay.de

This Italian guy offers an interest in a Miura project he is about to start. Seems you pay 100 Euros now, and when you get the finished kit sometime in March, you pay the remaining 1100 Euro to the full price.

Problem is the somewhat strange translation of his offer. If you want the original Italian text, go to:

Progetto Kit Miura scala 1/8 - ModelRossi JimdoPage! Automodelli personalizzati scala 1/8 1/12 1/18 (http://modelrossi.jimdo.com/progetto-kit-miura-scala-1-8/)

This offer seems a bit strange, but his ebay credentials seem to be ok, and his homepage checks out too.

What do you think about it? I'd really like to have a Miura gringrin

12-03-11, 07:38 AM
Definately interesting but imo you buy a black box: it is a plan only and nothing have been manufactured. If you pay by paypal you have no protection because the building period to march 2012 exceeds the period of protection, so can loose your 200 Euro.
I would contact the seller to see what this is all about: there is no description on Ebay either. I have a "3000" euro experience in Italy, so I am careful gringrin For my latest Italian buy I asked the seller a copy of his drivers license.before I transferred the money. This is gonna be a balance act Michael between wanna have and caution 1gramps1gringrin

12-03-11, 07:45 AM
I agree with Ton. Had also have a look at the Miura, but it's like buying the cat in the bag. Due to bad expieriences I've already made, I'd take no risk.

12-03-11, 09:21 AM
This seller only have made some Pochers and a Monogram E.type and 2 other models, he say nothing about how many parts or have some pic of a finished model where you can see the quality, that must be the first rule to show whats buying.

12-03-11, 10:59 AM
Well he says about this model (90% translation gringrin)

The kit has about 400 parts

1. chassis in resin and photoetch (about100 pcs) steering and suspension are working.

2. Body is made out of resin: doors, trunk and hood are movable

- body in one piece
- 2 doors
- 2 part hood
- 2 part trunk

3. 8 A4 pieces of photoetch for super detailling
4. resin interior ..paintable/leather?
5. decals for interior and engine
6 engine in resin and metal parts
7 metal rims
8 rubber tyres
9 tubing, wiring and screws for assembly

He claims that he has a lot of experience and that he will make a high detailed model (100 kits)

12-03-11, 11:08 AM
I saw this one on ebay.it, but I'm not sure of it. I mean, I search it in different Italian websites, and I found different websites where he is trying to sell it, like ebay and others. Two websites where he is asking what the model builder think if he make and sell a Miura in 1/8, in one nobody replied, and in the other one they went offtopic talking about F1 cars. Looks nobody believe him.

Personally, looking at his website, like you guys said, I see mostly conversion, not proof that he is really make models (from zero). For what I can understand/think, he is asking for 200Euros, and he will commission to another person to build the model.
Looks tricky to me...

I speak Italian, I can contact him and ask some specific question.

12-03-11, 11:49 AM
There's not much I can add that hasn't already been said. He's breaking at least one eBay rule with the link to the website. He has the same offer there so it violates the link policy. There's a good chance eBay will kick off the listing if they catch it.

Personally I would hold off and just keep an eye on what he's up to. 100 kits at 1200 euro isnt going to fly off the shelf. Ill bet there's time to grab one if it comes to market. If he sells out and it becomes a reality then you have a good chance he'll do it again and you can pre-order from the next batch. I've seen it before, "BUY NOW !!! Only 100 available" they sell out then a month later, "BUY NOW !!! Only 100 avaiable in Red" they sell those out then a month later, "BUY NOW !!! Only 100 in blue".....

You get the ideal. 1gramps1

mad mike
12-04-11, 06:35 AM
Thank you all for you opinion and your translation, Ton!

I wrote to the seller and asked him a few questions in English. He answered really fast, also in English.
I asked him about further info or pics, and he said due to the project's start in January, there's no further info yet.
He plans to make the body from resin, thickness 2-3mm (which I think is not the best solution, I think glass fibre laminate is better), and the moulds are going to be CNC milled aluminium. He says he is the owner of an Italian company that produces turned parts.

My biggest problem with this offer is that I have no hint about the quality grade of the parts he is going to make.
CNC milling is a good start, but it can be done well or badly.
But on the other hand, he is one poor guy for trying this with a Miura. This is a tough sell from the start. And if he wants to do this project in earnest and needs the money for materials etc., he should be supported for it's not easy to pull such a thing off I think. Ah, guess I'm being a bit naive here maybe...

12-04-11, 08:01 AM
Maybe you can make a deal: chip in 200 euro's with the possibility to step out if the quality is to low( with or without a refund) : he will have his first series ready in february...if he wants to deliver in March! BTW what is the name of this fella ?

12-04-11, 11:11 AM
BTW what is the name of this fella ?

Rossano Vezzoli. He works for a CNC milling company, that has his name, tornerievezzoli.it. I cannot see the website, my antyvirus stop it.

On ebay.it, it has only two for sale no (buy it now). And now the price is 100Euros.

I also find this Miura in 1/8, and the website has different Lamborghini in 1/8.
Large Scale Models (http://www.collectorstudio.com/index.cfm/ID/16/itemID/2798/details/1?cl=)

12-04-11, 11:17 AM
It seems to me that what is really needed is an escrow account.

A middle-man that holds all the down payments. When the kits are ready, the seller gets all the money. If he defaults, everyone gets their money back.

I have seen sites with classified ads that use something like this.


12-04-11, 03:56 PM
Rossano Vezzoli. He works for a CNC milling company, that has his name, tornerievezzoli.it. I cannot see the website, my antyvirus stop it.

Does not ring a bell. I have the same experience with the website: warning for malware from my firewall.

Ok lets talk some sense:

- A profesional website of a company with malware warnings....good for business !
- A huge 400 parts project of designing, fabricating in resin and photo etch ......in 2months?

well I would not bet my money on it....how tempting it is gringrin

12-04-11, 04:26 PM
In the case of the 1/8 Barracuda, which was based on a similar investment profile, TDR is a reputable company with products to show and sell, and you saw what happened with that speculative project. What will become of the 427 Cobra is another question.

In short, I would run, don't walk from the Miura offering as it has been described. Enticing, yes, but so is the prospect of getting a hefty commission by helping an African princess get $30 million out of Zaire.

Lee in Texas
12-04-11, 04:57 PM
Could that princess help make the 'cuda a reality? Waiting since August '09.

12-04-11, 05:34 PM
Could that princess help make the 'cuda a reality? Waiting since August '09.

I would have taken her up on it, but a princess like her and a guy like me...

mad mike
12-08-11, 03:55 AM
Well, thank you all again for sharing your opinion.

I have decided to use my money for some more RP parts, rather than participating in such a ambiguous project.
This way I can at least determine the outcome a little bit more gringrin
Anyway, stay tuned for some new posts of mine, if I can find the time to shoot some fotos...

12-08-11, 11:40 AM
The Cuda project is completely my fault guys. TDR is a stand up company that tried to help me out when I was unable to get the parts side of SMC off the ground. Please PM me with the amount you invested and I'll be responsible for all refunds.

Lee in Texas
12-09-11, 10:39 PM
Where's the master? Why don't we give it to someone else to make copies?

12-10-11, 02:45 PM
TDR has it right now. Try contacting Don with an update.

05-15-14, 05:35 AM
If this guy is genuine, tell him you'll pay for a finished kit of parts.
If he's making the kit anyway, it should be no big deal.
Then pay by Credit card, or Paypal only.
Yes, there might be fees, but at least you can get your money back if there's no delivery within the 28 day period.

Otherwise, the words 'bargepole', and 'not touching' spring to mind......


Sorry.... Edit: I just noticed that this thread is ancient!!!!