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01-14-06, 11:46 AM
Hi all, Ive been working on plans for a 32 woody, there loosely based on a 1930 ford woody, I'm planing on having suicide doors at the rear, alloys, fenders, original "big deuce" tyres, either red or blue paintwork, and a Flathead with EFI.
the wood ill be using is jelutong as its easy to work with and takes a stain well, the body well be 2 scale inchs thick at the thickest points, the frame well be coloured with a teak satin varnish and the main panels well be a satin mahogany, i plan on using dolls house hinges for the doors. the back of the car well be slightly wider than the front with the doors moved in by 5-10 degrees, Ive planed it to have windows, non-working. as of yet i have no ideas for the interior
the fender in the picture is just for mock-up (it was sacrificed late night to get the shape of the fender moulding right), please give your opinions, constructive criticism and ideas.
ill be getting a jigsaw at the end of this month and making a start :) .

hot ford coupe
01-14-06, 02:11 PM
I gotta see this one when it's done. This sounds great.

01-15-06, 10:01 AM
great work Mike. Are you working from a set of plans or is the design yours?


01-15-06, 02:09 PM
I was looking around for some plans and found a few great woodie pictures.


32 ford woodie.


32 Limo


Another 32. I like this one.


Posies' Extremeliner

Also try this link. http://www.oldwoodies.com/gallery-rv.htm

From what Ive seen its the "go to place" for anything woodie.

The project looks great. Hey Don hows that woodie cowl coming along?

:D :D :D Daniel

01-16-06, 08:44 AM
Thanks for the pics Dan.
Steve for the plans i started with a monogram 1/24 30 ford woody and a lot of cereal boxes, after recreating the side in 1/8 i moved and modified everything except the length and height.
here's a pic of a very loose mock up,

Don Garrett
01-16-06, 10:46 AM
I have some 1/8th scale termites I could let you have. :D :D :D

01-16-06, 10:55 AM
cool send them to me in a woodern box :D

hot ford coupe
01-16-06, 11:10 AM
I could have told you good things come in cereal boxes. Looking good.

Don Garrett
01-16-06, 11:16 AM
cool send them to me in a woodern box :D

Yep.....in a wood boat!

Don Garrett
01-16-06, 11:16 AM
And the Captain has a wood peg leg.

Don Garrett
01-16-06, 11:32 AM
Mike have you built any wood airplanes or sailing ships? I'll post some tips I've learned over the years if you can let me know what you have in mind for wood joints, assembly order etc.

01-16-06, 12:08 PM
i'll get back to you on this tomorrow, got to go now.

01-17-06, 06:23 AM
Hi all, to answer Dons question, i have never built any wood models, in fact the last time i did any kind of woodwork i was about 14. For joints I'm using bridle joints, as for assembly order, the wood well be varnished first, here's an example of how it well be put together:
the drivers door:
i take a 1/8 thick bit of wood (main panel) then i well glue 1/16 x 1/4 strips (frame) of wood to the front and rear edge of the door.
the bottom edge of the door well be made of a strip of 1/8 thick with a 1/16 x 1/4 strip on one face, this well then slot and glue in place.
now the top of the door:
it well be done in the same way as the above step but instead of using 1/8 strip in the core ill use a strip of 1/32 then a smaller strip of 1/32 then some 1/16 "if your following me you'll realise that well leave a gap, which is were the window will go"
on the in-side of the door i plan on making a 1/16 thick door shape just smaller than the actual door, (to allow me to make door jams, "if you get what i mean") the inner of this 1/16 peace well be cut out and replaced with leather.
i hope youve understood this :) :confused: :D

Don Garrett
01-17-06, 06:31 AM
O.K. Mike we are on the same page now. I gotta go make some dollars but when I get in this afternoon I'll post some stuff that should save you some build time. You know me.....if there is an easy way to do something I'll find it.

01-17-06, 06:35 AM
Thanks Don

01-17-06, 08:44 AM
has anyone got photos and measurements of some modern style 1/8 seats, like the ones in the Corvette or camaro kits.

Don Garrett
01-18-06, 05:08 AM
Mike, while you're waiting for me to get these drawings done check out this site for hardware, wood and tools.


Order their snail mail catalog too, it has more stuff than the web site. The prices are good and the service is excellent.

hot ford coupe
01-18-06, 11:20 AM
That's a great link. Thanks for posting.

01-18-06, 11:26 AM
the links not working for me guys :confused:

hot ford coupe
01-18-06, 11:33 PM
Try putting the link into the address bar directly. That's what I had to do to make it work. Why it won't open I have no idea. :confused: :confused: :confused:

01-19-06, 01:44 AM
Great link. Worked for me, maybe it was one of those puter gremilins... :D

Don Garrett
01-19-06, 04:06 PM
Mike...1. & 2 are just a couple of joints that are easy enough to do and stronger than a butt joint.

3. is how I would assemble the sides (model airplane wings are done this way), the wax paper keeps the wood from sticking to the pattern while the glue is drying and the pins hold everything in place. You only need one pattern which ensures that both sides are exactly the same....just remember to reverse your joints during assembly.

4. is just a quick easy way to get a woody "look".

The strip of wood that goes over the rear fender could be cut out of a piece of wood but a steamed and bent strip would look much better. I'll tell you how if you don't already know.

Any of this help?

01-20-06, 10:32 AM
Thanks for the pics Don :)
pics 1,2 and 3 are sort of how I'm going about it, as for steaming wood and bending it, I'm clueless :confused: so any tips would be great, I'm getting the wood and jigsaw on the 28th of this month then work can commence, i might not get it right first time but ill keep doing it till it is :)

01-21-06, 03:30 PM
Hey Mike I just found a tutorial on how to do the Model A woodie in an 1968 Model & Science mag. Thier doing it in 1/24th but Iam sure you could use it in your project. If you want Ill scan it and post here or send me an email and Ill get it to you that way.... :D :D :D Daniel

01-22-06, 06:47 PM
if you could post it here that would be great Dan, 6 more days to go and I'll have the wood and jigsaw.
Guys do i have to seal the wood or does varnish seal it as well :confused:

01-22-06, 06:54 PM
Ill scan it tonight. Iam still trying to get back to the Grand National Roadster Show before they give out trophies. Dang I better get out of here now. Later.. Daniel

01-23-06, 12:27 AM
Ok Mike here you go. I still havent had a change to scan that mag but these pics should tie you over until then.. Enjoy... :D :D :D Daniel


Don Garrett
01-23-06, 07:12 AM
Hey Mike, the pic pretty much explians itself. Soak the wood strip (or put it in a steamer) until it gets pliable. Bend it around the pins or a clamped down rear fender and let it dry completely. You can speed up dry time with a hair dryer if you get in a hurry. It will retain it's shape when you remove it. There might be a small amout of "spring back" but it shouldn't be a problem, bending the wood a little more than you want can overcome this.
You can also do this by using thin strips laminated together but the soaking method works for me.


Oppps! sorry about the big pic.

01-23-06, 07:56 AM
Thanks for all your help Guys, those pics are great Dan, I'm starting to sway towards a stock interior.
Don thanks for the tips, i was thinking of using thin wood laminated together for the inner wheel-wells, I'll have ago at steaming wood for the rear arch trim as it sounds a lot easier than cutting them freehand and maintaining a uniform width.
Thanks again :)

Don Garrett
01-23-06, 07:56 AM
BTW Mike......You mentioned using a making a metal gas tank for the RAF build, you might want to check out some of the RC sites for large airplane fuel tanks. They come assembled and soldered in zillions of sizes and shapes. you just might find what you have in mind.

01-23-06, 07:58 AM
Thanks again Don, ill look in to that, the RAF build is going to take along time because im not going to rush into anything.

Don Garrett
01-23-06, 08:19 AM
That's smart Mike. The best builds are the ones that have been thought out before the glue hits the plastic. Woulda' coulda' shoulda' builds are usally a disappointment to the builder. :)

01-23-06, 08:23 AM
The only bit I'm not sure about is how to attach the cowl to the wood body :confused:

Don Garrett
01-23-06, 08:43 AM
Do you mean "how" or "what to use?"

01-23-06, 09:19 AM
i mean "how"

Don Garrett
01-23-06, 09:34 AM
I'll post some info this afternoon mike.

01-26-06, 08:33 AM
Ive been looking at the pics Dan posted on this thread and Ive fallen in love :) , I'm going to paint the Woodie in the same colours and do all the wood one colour like in the pics, ill make seats as in the pics. i plan on doing at least 3 woodies, this one, a 2 door and a T.
Don, any luck on that info for fitting the cowl, Thanks :)

Don Garrett
01-26-06, 06:42 PM
Mike....I didn't forget you honest, I've been up to my eyeballs in hassles this week, I've got some some drawings for you that will make the transition from wood to the plastic cowl easy, I'll post 'em as soon I get a breather. I've been tied up with 1:1 stuff and some really simple roll up windows you might want to take a gander at. HFC.....this window setup is even better than the ones I sent you back when we were young. I also have a solution for that pesky opening cowl vent.

01-27-06, 08:07 AM
Cool, cant wait Don, but i well :D

01-28-06, 02:37 PM
I've just got the wood, scroll saw and some glue, i still have to buy some wood stain but ill be starting the project on Tuesday.
Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Don Garrett
01-28-06, 04:20 PM
You'll do fine Mike....I'll post the info you need as soon as I get back from picking up some Pocher parts Sun.

01-29-06, 06:36 PM
Mike I finally got the time to upload that 1968 article from MCS. Heres the link. :D Daniel


Don Garrett
01-29-06, 06:51 PM
Mike look at #35 in the photo's that Dan posted, that pretty much shows you what you need to fabricate for the '32 cowl......windshield, header and side pieces.

01-30-06, 10:32 AM
You guys are great ;)
Don could you fill me in a bit more about the wood bending, should i soak it in hot or cold water? and for how long?.
Thanks a million.

ill post pics soon :)

Don Garrett
01-30-06, 12:25 PM
Warm water seems to work better, cause it feels better. It really doesn't make much difference Mike. Just get it to the the point where it will bend without splitting....keep an eye on which way the grain runs, it will bend easier if you go with the grain of the wood.

01-30-06, 12:33 PM
Cheers Don :)

01-31-06, 09:44 AM
heres a sneak peak of the front doors guys :) , ive decided to build it up first and then stain it as ive got a oil which does not seam to build up at the edges.

Don Garrett
01-31-06, 03:52 PM
NICE.....NICE........NICE....great job MIke, you got a winner there. :D

hot ford coupe
01-31-06, 04:58 PM
Looking good , Mike.

Don Garrett
02-13-06, 10:39 AM
Any udates on the Woody, Mike?

02-13-06, 11:30 AM
sorry Ive not been posting lately guys, "been feeling a bit down". ill get working on the woody again now, Ive decided to finish each bit of wood one by one so i can get the finish im after.
All the latest work Ive seen from you guys is top notch, ill be back online tomorrow and put up some replies to posts that have caught my eye.

02-13-06, 01:29 PM
We all get our ups and downs. Just ask me. Yikes!!:eek:

Mike, maybe I missread that last post but it sounds like your staining and finishing each section one at a time. Ive found that when working with wood its best to do all the finish work, (staining) at once so you get a uniform color. Unless your going with a natural clear finish. :) Daniel

02-14-06, 08:18 AM
youre spot on Dan :) , im going with just a clear varnish on this now.

02-21-06, 09:43 AM
varnish takes so long to harden, so far Ive put 3 coats of varnish on the bits for the front doors, i still need to put two more on then i can start sanding the wood, and after the are assembled i well wax them. at a guess i would say you guys well get a pic of a finished door in about two weeks.

02-21-06, 01:45 PM
No big rush Mike.

Have you started on the other parts yet? The quarters and the cowl.

02-22-06, 08:44 AM
Ive not started the cowl yet im going to do that after the wood section is finished but Ive prepped the front fenders and the hood (colour sanding the vents well be fun). Ive not got to do the rear doors or quarters yet, Ive only got space to do one batch of wood at a time.

03-09-06, 10:22 AM
Ive been having problems with sanding the varnish, im going to put this project on the back burner for now and focus on a project i can finish this summer.

03-09-06, 01:11 PM
If you need help let us know... Someway here may know how to fix your problem. :D Daniel

hot ford coupe
03-09-06, 04:56 PM
Hey Mike, I hope you're starting to feel better. How long did you let the varnish sit to dry? What kind of varnish did you use? I found a sprayable water based polyurethane in Lowe's that works pretty well. I realize though that if you're a purist, you want to use whatever is closest to the original finish. I refinished a few guitars with some stain and some Krylon clear acrylic. That also did a pretty good job and didn't obscure the grain of the wood. I'd like to see what it looks like. At some point, I'll be doing some wood work on some of the vehicles and would like to know how you did yours. Thanks in advance.

Don Garrett
03-09-06, 08:20 PM
Hey Mike, I work on a number of projects at the same time simply to keep myself from getting bored, burned out or frustrated with a particular build. The amount of work that goes into these biggies can be overwhelming at times. It's feels really good to "finish" a project but sometomes it's best to step away from it and do something that isn't quite as complicated or involves as much time. Might I suggest you work on an engine, not for any specific project but rather just for the engine itself? When you are done it could be displayed by itself as a stand alone or used in a car at a latter date.
A scratch built 4-banger is something that I would like to see done really well and could be finished easily in a summer.....would look great in your Woody when you pick it back up as well. If you just take a break and build nothing...keep posting, we like to hear from ya.

Don Garrett
03-09-06, 11:01 PM
Glu....any progress on the RPU?

03-10-06, 01:24 AM
Mike, I have to echo Jeff's sentiments about the spray poly. I've used the Minwax variety many times and it never lets me down and will cut your drying time down to several hours instead of several weeks. :o

Do not feel bad about stepping back.

Hey Don see rpu post for answer...


03-10-06, 04:19 AM
Hi all, i think the problem was caused by not letting the varnish harden, i used outdoor weatherproof varnish, letting each coat rest for 24 hours before adding another, the problem i had was once i started wet sanding the varnish balled up and pealed off:mad:
i think i could work better with a spray finish, the only spray clears i can get hold of are enamel and lacquer based would either of these work.
Thanks for your comments and help guys it really means alot to me.:)

06-24-06, 06:05 PM
Ok bud what ever happened to the woodie?:D

Don Garrett
06-25-06, 07:00 AM
Haven't heard from Mike in a loooooong time. 1confused11confused1????:confused:

hot ford coupe
06-25-06, 12:30 PM
Hey Mike, where ya been? Hope all is well.

06-26-06, 12:39 AM
Form a search party, lets hope his E&E is rusty!