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06-01-08, 04:49 AM
I am building the 1/8th Ferrari Arno hydroplane from the Amati kit.
I have also built the aftermarket engine from Leggenda e passione.

I wondered if anyone else is building this kit?

I decided to include a complete interior, with all framing, bulkheads, tubing, etc.
It is taking a while!
I now have the hull complete, all interior woodwork complete, and most of the tubing detail completed, fuel tank and supports built, and mounted,
the engine is about 90% now, but I have a few questions
Can anyone advise on how to build a leather bucket seat? The transkit and also the original kit each come with a seat, but both are too big once all internal framing is added, and to be honest they both look massive in the hull, I would like a scale seat, leather covered, with the pleats and rolled edges, but not sure how to build up the frame and cover it, and suggestions?
and instruments, as in 1/8th scale I would not like to just use decals, has anyone built up 1/8th vintage instruments?
I have the instrument panel in metal cut for the instruments, but as they will show front and rear, I need complete instruments.
Last, any advice on how to build up brass exhaust headers for a 12 cylinder engine? they have to feed into a long tapered collector pipe, which then runs down the deck past the cockpit. The kit items are unsuitable, being chromes, and segmented, I would really like to do them in brass but would need a bender and a means to turn the tapered collector tube.

(The picture shown is not my kit, but it shows the basic boat, mine is about the same stage, I will try and get some detail shots up if anyone is interested)
The other picture is the actual boat, as it exists today.

so any other Arno builders?

hot ford coupe
06-01-08, 07:25 AM
That came out great. You do beautiful work.

06-01-08, 08:13 AM
well, not to take credit for what I did not do.
The model shown is not the one I have built,
I will put up some pictures of my version very soon.
The other shown is the actual boat, full size, and what I hope mine will look exactly like when done!

hot ford coupe
06-01-08, 09:33 AM
Well, you could have fooled me. That's what I get for working without my glasses. I'm looking forward to seeing your version.

06-19-08, 01:11 PM
Hi Canadair, Bending the curved portions of your pipes from solid brass rod might be a way to get what you wish. If they all have the same curve, a wooden block sawn to shape and used as a bending jig will give consistency. If the curves graduate, you will need six blocks, each to make a port and starboard for each cylinder pair. It has been my experience that making one of something is easy, making a bunch of one item in multituplicate is the challenge. Brass can be annealed by heating it just to red heat - not too bright red nor for too long, you will boil out the zinc and it will become brittle - then immediately plunging the hot part in water. Pure copper would be better, if you can find the right size. Annealing softens the metal and minimzes the spring back that always occurs to some extent after bending. This method will produce some rejects as you fine tune the shape of the bending block. Try cutting the curve on the block a bit tighter than the required shape. The rejects can be re-bent once the block is tuned. This method will require a bit of tail on either end of the curve, to be cut off. Minimize the required tail by making a pair of handles, short pieces of pipe that will just slip over the brass will work. If the only taper requirement is for the collector portion of the pipe - the tailpipe portion looks straight, so tube should work - the compound rest on your lathe should do that, experiment on some scrap to get the taper just right, then make a spare or two just in case. Jig everything up how things need to meet, and solder it all up in one operation. Best o' luck, and don't be quoting John Lennon - "I got blisters on my fingers".

12-29-08, 07:09 AM
Hi Canadair,
I'm also in the posession of the ARNo amati kit + the engine from legenda e passione. You mention do the fuel-tank and the new seat of the transkit. I assume you are talking about the transkit of legenda e passione. I,m trying to contact him for this transfer kit but don't get a reply. Can you confirm you are talking about his kit or if you are talking about something you have created yourself. Would love to see an update and some pictures of your Arno.

Best building wishes for 2009


12-29-08, 03:53 PM
I,m trying to contact him for this transfer kit but don't get a reply.


I spoke to Giovanni, Stephanes compagnon: the transkit is not ready jet...and it will take a couple of months



12-31-08, 05:47 AM

I bought the arno engine from legenda e passione in April and after checking all the parts, I'm missing one of the 4 engine supports. Wrote them already 2 mails but no reply. Can you check with your contact if they received my mail? I assume Giovanni speaks english, maybe it is better if I contact him (you have his coordinates)? Already thx for your help.


02-24-09, 02:40 PM

I spoke to Giovanni, Stephanes compagnon: the transkit is not ready jet...and it will take a couple of months



I've been waiting for the transkit for a couple of years. My first contact about the transkit was in January 2005 my last contact with them was April 2008. Don't hold your breath!

02-24-09, 03:44 PM
Don't hold your breath!

I will not do that but it seems that they are in the last stage of production...maybe next year gringrin

09-18-09, 02:55 PM
simlpy beautiful, and AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!.......STORMIN NORMAN ....1clap11clap11clap11clap1

09-18-09, 07:09 PM
Can anyone advise on how to build a leather bucket seat? The transkit and also the original kit each come with a seat, but both are too big once all internal framing is added, and to be honest they both look massive in the hull, I would like a scale seat, leather covered, with the pleats and rolled edges, but not sure how to build up the frame and cover it, and suggestions?

Start here at page 43 of my build for building a basic bucket seat.



03-05-10, 05:00 PM
Here's min Amati Timossi Arno boat. Almost finished, but I just cannot seem to find the time to finish the last small details!

I used the resin body from leggendaepassione because the vacuum formed standard parts are awful. No underhood detail since I made it RC. At the end of the build I realised this boat is way to nice to put in the water...... So it sits under its glass case on my desk! Very nice view. I like it for the aggressive looks and the combination of the varnished mahogany and shiny red paint.

03-05-10, 05:40 PM
I used the resin body from leggendaepassione

Well that looks great! Did you buy the resin body recently? The last news I heard is thta it was not ready yet ?????



05-04-10, 04:27 AM
Well, I just noticed that I mentioned 2 years or so ago that I would post pictures of my own Arno project, sorry for the delay.
This is a shot just after I completed the hull, gave it a splash of varnish and started to build an interior.
I had to take a bit of liberties with the interior detail due to the lack of documentation on the real boat, but over all it is correct.
Also shown is the motor mount I soldered up, and the mounting plate for the oil tanks.

05-04-10, 04:31 AM
Thos first two pictures were taken over a year ago, life gets in the way sometimes!
here is a shot of the rub plates on the fwd hull, they are stainless, and polished, probably far more than the original would be.
next on to some of the engine, and upper cowl details

05-04-10, 04:49 AM
This shows the driveshaft and its bracing structure. Again here is an area where I really had to take liberties, as the engine as built will never line up with the prop shaft within the depth of the hull available.
So, what to do? well short of re engineering the entire hull, I built a transfer case, and reduction drive, which may well have been what the original has.
This eliminates the prop shaft from running directly through the drivers seat (and driver)
I built a fuel tank, again I have no accurate dimensions, but I think it looks about right, I suspect the original used a 45 gallon drum!
I used the shell of the plastic seat Amati supplies, but the rest I built from scratch, and I covered it in a very thin soft leather I found in a glove shop.

05-04-10, 04:56 AM
This shows the hull sitting on the stand. I copied this stand from photos, and made it from wood and soldered brass. I think it is pretty close to the original, but with no accurate dimensions I cant be certain. It seems to look the part.
I still need to make stencils and reproduce the original marking on the stand.
I have no idea how they launched the real boat from this, as it has no wheels or winch. I guess they mounted it on a boat trailer and lifted the Arno with a large crane?
here is a shot showing the fwd upper cowl, it is still a work in progress.

05-04-10, 05:09 AM
Shown is the boat as it is now, with still lots to do.
I still need to finish plumbing the engine, fit all fuel lines, fit the steering assembly cables, put the throttle pad in, mount the rudder, and drain hoses.
All instrument lines need to go in, and cowl fasteners have to be built.
The exhaust has to be mounted.
Make the Windshield, add all markings, and finish the side skirts, as well upholster the side skirts and head rest in leather.

Observations, the Amati kit would produce a good looking Arno, with no great details, but externally it would look nice.
The Leggende Passionne kits which I bought, the engine and resin are a mix.
The engine is quite stunning, and a very nice kit, not all the parts fit, and they need plenty of work to be final assembled. I wish I had another to now build as I could do it better but at I think around 800 euros I shall stick with this one.
The reson parts Leggende sell are not worth buying, they are very poorly made, and I ended up using only bits and pieces and scratch building the balance.

In terms of fitting an interior, well I am glad I did it, but its hard to justify the time, as to be honest there is just not enough documentation out there to do it right.
I ended up guessing on quite a bit, as well with that big rear cowl not much can be seen.

I shall post some shots once completed, I am hopeful it will be later this summer, not 2 more years!

hot ford coupe
05-04-10, 11:58 AM
Wow!!!! That's one gorgeous boat. I love the wood work you've done on it and especially the bucket seat. That glove leather is some of the best stock to work with. You can't beat it for scale upholstery. 1clap11clap11clap1

05-04-10, 01:44 PM
WOW that is a great project.....mine is still in the stack (amati/L&P) but I am looking forward to start it :)

07-05-11, 01:51 AM
Thats really great work, I had never seen this before, I must say that your work is really awesome, I heartly appreciate your work, thanks for sharing a amazing pictures of your work.