View Full Version : You thought I was scarce before....

Old Busted Hotness
05-31-08, 07:37 PM
You ain't seen nuthin yet.

I start training Monday for my CDL. Four weeks on-site, then 4-8 weeks in the truck with a company trainer, then I'm over the road on my own.

Doesn't leave me much time to build anything.

So maybe I'll blow the horn for ya. Adios, muchachos.

Thrillbilly Rich
05-31-08, 08:17 PM
Be safe out there OBH !! Check in and give us a big 10-4 when you can!
Keep on Truckin!!!!

hot ford coupe
05-31-08, 10:17 PM
We'll look for you on the interstates. We'll keep a light on in the window for you when you want to visit. Stay safe, Bud.

Don Garrett
06-01-08, 07:21 AM
Best of luck OBH....although you will be missed here at SMC. 1thumbup1