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04-29-08, 11:24 PM
Need some guidance here. Initial image is the glue I could find up here at our major hardware store. Hope it works. Image 2 shows what I think will be a major weakness with handling the spars. Note the lack of meat around the two right hand square openings. I stopped cleaning individual spars after breaking one of the first ones and looking over the rest of the sheet. Now I have just sanded the whole sheet to remove surface char. I will work on the oval opening char after the spars are strengthened by the "rib caps".

The question concerns image 3. Image 2 shows the sharpening of the curve at the front of the spar. When I pin the 1/32" by 3/32" basswood "rib cap" for gluing it requires what seems like a lot of force to hold the tip to the front of the curve.

1. I am not sure the pins actually create a tight end point.
2. I worry the glue will hold over time and maybe one or more "rib caps" will lift. Should I be be doing something to the wood first to make it more pliable?
3. With the glue saying it takes 35 minutes to bond I will be a considerable time working these spars. The manual says a "hair dryer" will speed the process - but by how much?

04-29-08, 11:55 PM

Try dunking the rib covers in water for 15 seconds or so, and then using an alligator clamp to secure it to the rib whilst the glue dries. Are you using wood glue?

You can remove any indentations from the alligator clamp's teeth after the glue has set and the rib has dries, by lightly sanding it.

The hairdryer makes no sense to me


04-30-08, 01:25 AM
Thanks for the clues Mouppe. Attached shows how well that works. Had the clips - never thought to use them.

Also thanks for mentioning I could soak the rib cover. I was wondering about that and now that I think about it - of course - the glue is water soluble but will dry OK (I guess).

04-30-08, 12:21 PM

I suggest you leave your rib covers a little longer than needed and then you can sand them down level with the leading and trailing wing edges when you assemble the wing. This way you will get a nice smooth edge.

I actually put the rib covers on at the end.


Lancair IV
05-07-08, 01:49 PM

What type of surface are you pinning into?


05-07-08, 02:05 PM
I picked up a couple pieces of art foam board at the local craft shop. I didn't feel like pinning to soft wood like they suggest. I made it double thick to insure the pins had lateral support.