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Old Busted Hotness
03-25-08, 06:27 PM
This was supposed to get IH back in the game back in 1980. The prototypes (10 or 12 were made, ranging in wheelbase from 80-100 inches) actually toured the country in the late 70's, making the rounds to IH dealers to drum up enthusiasm for the "next Scout" that never came to pass.

I'll admit it's an ugly little spud. So ugly I had to build it.

Two of the prototypes remain, both 100-inchers, and both quite finished and production-ready. One is at the ACD museum in Auburn (if you've never been, shame on you) and the other is in JB Hunt's private collection. The Hunt vehicle makes public appearances from time to time.

So being the Binder fanatic that I is, I had to build this bit of arcane history.

Started with the usual Depron foam and epoxy, UCF Icing, and lots of sanding. Since it'll be RC and subject to the occasional rollover, I reinforced the body with carbon fiber. I'll spare you the gorey details and post up a few in-progress pics, and the latest shot. The bodywork is now approaching "not bad" gringrin

hot ford coupe
03-25-08, 09:55 PM
Great job on that body. This ones going to be a build to follow.

Old Busted Hotness
03-27-08, 10:44 PM
Big day today. Got the paint on, as well as the regulation cheesy graphics. It wouldn't be an IH without them. Also painted the bumper and installed fog lights to conceal the servo. I guess I didn't show the grille/headlights earlier, so here they are as well. Spare tire is from the Big Deuce kit.

03-27-08, 10:54 PM
You are the "COOL" of creativity. Amazing what you come up with and bring to reality. Thanks for the inspiration to keep thinking of what could be.

03-27-08, 11:08 PM
Nicely done OBH!

hot ford coupe
03-28-08, 04:57 PM
Oh that's great. Another fantastic creation from the OBH master.

Don Garrett
03-28-08, 07:15 PM
Oh my, you should have gotten a job at IH in their day....great vehicles for those that remember.

Thrillbilly Rich
03-29-08, 01:15 PM
Ya gotta dig the color and stripes definitly not Farmer Brown's IH ! Great work OBH!!

Old Busted Hotness
03-31-08, 10:23 PM
I'm sure you've noticed that the finish isn't perfectly glass-smooth. That's more or less intentional. I knew it was gonna get some "trail rash" and decided that a "good enough" or "10-footer" paint job would be good enough, and save me a couple weeks of sanding, as well as a lot of heartbreak.


Our first outdoor comp was snowed out, so we went back to the indoor crawling course. Notice the front bumper is a little pretzeled; it got worse and I took it off for the second run. There's also a nice little dent over the passenger door from a rollover.

Got another Scout in the works, so I'll have an 800 as well as the Traveler and the SSV. It ain't easy being a marque fanatic....

06-05-08, 03:54 AM
That is NICE! I would be too scared of breaking it to drive, so much work and just one crash........
UGH, it makes me want to cry and Its not even mine nor has it happened!1strange1