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10-13-11, 06:53 PM
Hello all. It's been awhile since I last posted. I was laid up for a couple of months and just got back into building. While I was laid up I decided to redesign the Fish Truck a bit and concentrate on just one build until it's finished.

The truck is based on the Lindberg Tall T. I'm calling it a '25 Ford Model T 5-window extended cab pickup with 'convertible' pickup box. The cab has been chopped, sectioned (both horizontally & vertically) & channeled. The rear wall or bulkhead is scratchbuilt.

What you see here is very raw. Details such as trim, lights, etc. will be added later.

The frame will be scratchbuilt from Evergreen sheet. A template is shown. The crossmembers are also from Evergreen stock and are shown here.

So far I have two box options - the stake bed and a tonneau cover. The different bed options mount into the 3 holes on each side of the bed. If no option is selected then I have a piece that just covers the holes (shown). I may also do a camper-type shell or other. The slats for the stake rails are hobby sticks stained with Minwax. I'm also doing a wood bed using Evergreen channel strips between the pieces of wood.

Tires will be the big deuce Goodyears all the way around with the torque thrust rims I made a few years ago but never used. I'm going for a total truck look and that's why I'm going with big tires all the way around. I'm using the cycle fenders from the Lindberg Custom T. They are shown here just sitting on top of the tires but they will actually be sitting slightly above - mounted with brackets made from 1/16" aluminum tube.

Interior panels will be covered with velour with wood accents. I have a few differnt designs I'm considering. Seats are from the tall T. Dash will be wood.

I'll explain more later as I progress. I just wanted to post these and let everyone know I'm still kicking.


Don Garrett
10-13-11, 09:12 PM
Yeah buddy, looks fab Steve.......noticed you're using your signature pop in interior panels, good stuff!

10-14-11, 10:33 AM
You are correct Don. Here's a picture of my basic plan for the interior. Color scheme may change but I do want to use wood with body color (the yellow shown in the picture) strips surrounding the wood on the panels as well as the dashboard. Besides filling a large \void in the interior, that thing behind the seats is supposed to be a catch-all for things like gas tank, battery, speakers, etc. It will probably have a wood top.

10-14-11, 11:38 AM
You've been a little busy I see. Very cool stuff. 1thumbup1

10-14-11, 12:12 PM
nice, clean and shes a beauty

10-16-11, 10:29 PM
Thanks Joe. I was able to get a lot of shop time this weekend. Here's an update...

I finished the removable wood bed although I may put another coat of Minwax on the little wood stir sticks. I used Evergreen channel between the slats and will add bolt head detail to these later.

I finished cutting out the 10 pieces that will make up the frame rails. Thickness of the layers are .040 for the inside and ourside pieces and .060 for the middle 3 pieces (per side). You can see the different sixe and style of holes depending on usage. In the picture L1 and L2 have a 1/4" square hole. These will accept the crossmembers which all attach with 0-80 stainless steel screws. L3 has a 1/16" hole to accept the screw, L4 has a large hole which allows clearance for bolt head and washer. L5 hole is a reference hole and will be filled later.

At this point I did a mock up with just one layer per side to check location of crossmembers, engine, etc.

Radiator is from Big T and has been sectioned and channeled over the frame rails.

I changed my mind and will now use the big deuce flathead. I had to make 2 new crossmembers to accept the flathead and the Big T radiator. This is the first time I have separated the oil pan from the block. We'll see how that goes.


hot ford coupe
10-17-11, 12:56 AM
Something looks a little fishy here. Just kidding. 1yeah1 That's great looking work, Steve. You definitely haven't lost your touch. I really love the way you've included the wood along with the styrene. This one will shine.1clap11nworthy1