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A large scale diorama can be built for taking pictures of all types of models.They can be built expressly for that purpose or as in my case as a temporary backdrop before I ship it off.This backdrop was originally made for my airplane diorama "The Road Taken".The airplane has been temporary stored in my home and can be re-installed back in the diorama in as little as five minutes.Actually I have more fun taking pictures than the actual modeling and in some cases I like the pictures better than the model or diorama.Storyboarding using your own pictures is also a lot of fun too when using them in a picture book or album.In my case the storyboard albums will be for members of my family and friends because the real thing will be gone to a better home.
This thread is about ideas not a specific type or genre of modeling.Website owners please feel free to move it or delete it at your own discretion if you feel that it does not meet the standards of your site.I don't mind,honest !

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Well guys and gals after ten years I have finished up my fourth and last aircraft diorama for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.I will be closing my thread "How to Build Aircraft Dioramas" as that part of my modeling career is now behind me.I have accomplished the goals that I set out for myself all those years ago and I am very satisfied with the way things turned out.
I will be moving on and actually going back to my roots 65 years ago when I got my first electric train set, except this time the new thread will be "How to build Railroad Dioramas ".
It has been a lot of fun and I have learned a lot but there is no sense in keeping this thread alive.To wrap things up I will post some pictures later in a new thread of my stuff on display in Ottawa.
Your not going to get rid of me completely though, as I plan on still lurking around and will soon start a new thread on "How to Photograph Your Dioramas and Vignettes" .
Cheers! John.

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We will see the new threads coming!