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Dr Dave
03-19-11, 06:49 AM
G'day all. Here we go on another one of the doctors little adventures. I was going to call this one "2 bikes racing", but I've been influenced to change my plans a bit. I was going to have 2 German soldiers racing each other and just clowning around, but the new version is now going to be a German soldier chasing an escaped P.O.W. so there will be a slightly deeper meaning to the story. I'm not into the military stuff but a little change from the regular thing wont hurt. Plus it still involves a couple of bikes, a BMW R75 (same as the one I did with the sidecar) and a Zundapp KS.750.

This time the diorama gets built first, then the bikes, and then the riders. I'm starting to like this diorama building.

I started last week end with a piece of styrofoam and shaped it up to form a road curving up through a bit of a cutting with some washouts on the edge.

Dr Dave
03-19-11, 08:14 PM
This diorama, I'm hoping, will not take as long to build as the first one did. There's not as much in this one as there is in the first one, and this time I've learned a few lessons from my mistakes with the first. I have remembered this time to put the boxing around the foam first before getting too far into the build and realizing it's too late to put a box around the thing 1no1
After hacking, gluing, chopping and sanding, the shape is starting to look like what I want. A light coat of primer shows up the contours a bit better than just bare foam, so any adjustments to erosion, washouts, wheel ruts and pot holes can be made more visible.

Dr Dave
03-26-11, 12:30 AM
This is where I'm up to at the moment. I've added some dirt, grass, a few rocks, and some gravel on the track. The dirt, from my back garden, has been sifted through various sizes of mesh to get course and fine, and the same with some white sand to get the mix of gravel for the road.

Dr Dave
04-01-11, 12:06 PM
The addition of a few extra bits and pieces in the form of some tufts of dead grass, a few small bushes and a sprinkling of leaves makes such a big difference to the appearance but it just doesn't seem right. It looks too clean, too fresh. It needs to be roughed up somehow but I'm not sure what to do.

04-01-11, 12:19 PM
This is AWSOME! I've never seen a diorama base built up from scratch and it's just incredible. Well done Dave. 1clap11clap11clap11clap1


Dr Dave
04-01-11, 07:22 PM
Thanks Andy, I'm glad you're enjoying it. This is only my second diorama and I'm having a great time doing it. The only problem is that it puts the imagination in overdrive with heaps of ideas bouncing around for future projects that will never get done. It's all good fun!
I get encouragement from a couple of mates here in my town who do dioramas. One does military stuff and the other does ship wrecks and car wrecks. They are superb1thumbup1 I'll ask them if I can put some photos of their work in here.

Dr Dave
04-09-11, 11:20 AM
This afternoon I made a start on the Zundapp and by tonight I've got it almost finished. Now that I've reached this stage I've found that this kit has very little detail at all. Unlike the Italeri BMW & sidecar I did that had everything but the cables and wires, this Tamiya kit lacks levers on the handlebars, carbies, intake pipes, exhaust pipes from the engine, linkage from the shift lever to the gearbox. At the moment I'm not sure how far I will go to add some of the missing detail, and whatever I add will have to be added to both bikes. Disappointed1no1 but I guess you get what you pay for and I didn't pay much for this kit.

Dr Dave
04-09-11, 11:33 AM

Dr Dave
04-16-11, 12:48 AM
In the last week all I've been able to get done is a 'not quite finished yet' German soldier. I hope to have the little fellow and his bike all dirty and on the road this week end. The last photo shows him temporarily in position just to see what he looks like. Somehow I have to make the rider of the other bike look like an escaped prisoner of war.

Dr Dave
04-17-11, 01:18 AM
The soldier and his Zundapp are now finished, all dirty, rusty, and oil leaks. A couple of washes of different oil paints took care of the dirt and leaks and some real rust flakes ground down to dust and sprinkled on wet paint couldn't look any more realistic. Some silver speckles dabbed on with an almost dry brush adds stone chips. A hole drilled in the bottom of both tires with a pin glued in will secure the bike in position on the road.
Now it's on to the BMW and fleeing prisoner.
I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am.

Dr Dave
04-22-11, 10:40 AM
Today I've managed to put the BMW R75 together but it's not finished just yet. Still have to put the saddle bag on and the pipes from the engine, then add some weathering. I've also been looking at the rider trying to work out how to turn a German soldier into a British or U.S. person of some sort. Got the left over figures from the BMW & sidecar kit out to see if they could be used. Maybe if I did a major body swap I could change it enough. Still have to use the bottom half of the original figure to sit on the bike.

Dr Dave
04-23-11, 09:12 AM
The BMW is finished now but I think I might have gone a little overboard with the weathering. How on earth is the poor fellow going to out run the soldier on a heap of junk like this?1no1 I hope he can ride like the wind.
I didn't dilute the washes as much for this bike as I did for the first and it almost looks like camouflage colours rather than a thin film of dirt and grime, and I was a bit heavy handed with the rust. But I guess there's no rules with weathering, just slap it on.

Dr Dave
04-23-11, 10:39 PM
I've made a start on the British soldier after I googled WW2 British uniforms for colour schemes. Quite a few to choose from so I picked something easy and very different to the German. The body swap worked ok (is that why they call me doctor?) Couldn't be bothered making a hat so used Tamiya putty to shape a full head. Also filled in a few gaps here and there and slightly bent his arms so he can be sliding the bike around the corner.

Dr Dave
04-24-11, 02:15 AM
Coming along nicely. I did a bit of sculpting to the jacket to remove the rifle shoulder strap, added the top button, seams where the sleeves attach, and fix up the pockets. I got the black wool out and chopped it up fine (the same as I did for the fisherman with the BMW & sidecar) so he can have hair instead of a hat. I put glue on his head to stick the hair on but it didn't work very well, I could see the paint underneath. To fix this problem I scraped it all off, cut up new batch and stuck it on with black paint. That worked better. Not much more to go now.

Dr Dave
04-26-11, 06:18 AM
The chase is on! The German is in hot pursuit of the fleeing British on a stolen bike. Lets hope the riding skills he learnt racing around the English countryside when he was a boy help him out ride his pursuer.

Trees courtesy of the root systems of weeds pulled from the garden and leaves are dried seed pods. I've tried to make some dust, rocks and leaves flying up from the rear wheels by using a small piece of nylon fibre cushion stuffing with some tan paint rubbed through it. When dry I put it in place with a few spots of wood glue applied with the point of a tooth pick. I used the tooth pick and glue to stick the rocks and leaves in place on the dust. I also had to glue down every stray leaf on the whole thing as they kept blowing away whenever a nice breeze blew through the house. The only thing I need to do is put a couple of spark plug leads on and I'll be happy.

Another one finished1yeah1 Oh no, what am I going to do next?! I have a bunch of projects to choose from,,,,,,,, I just can't decide1what1
Went fishing this afternoon to celebrate.

Don Garrett
04-26-11, 11:38 AM
Way to go Dave, love it. 1thumbup1
If I was to add anything to what you've accomplished it would be in the form a biased personal view only.......and that would be to build a "bigger" (larger scale) dio.

Perhaps a glass topped coffee table with a whole story inside......it would be cool to have a dust free environment on display where even a casual viewer could see it and being a piece of furniture it would also serve that purpose.

Dr Dave
04-29-11, 08:36 AM
Thankyou Don. Sydeem mentioned a similar thing in my sidecar thread about putting a 1/8 scale dio in a table. There's something in this......I'm having visions now....... You fellows may have just planted a seed, and I might have to try growing it into fruition.

The two dioramas I've just finished I think were a practice run for something I've been wanting to do for long time now. I've been planing to rebuild an old 1/25 scale road train and put it in a desert landscape diorama, not just on a board covered with dirt.

This would look pretty neat under glass at 1.5 mtrs long x .5 mtr wide 1thumbup1

But for now, I've had enough of this small stuff. It was fun to try something new and different, and I learnt a lot at the same time, but I need to get back to more familiar and comfortable surroundings.

After a lot of indecision for days now, my next project finally jumped out and yelled at me. 'Get back to the half finished 1/6 Suzuki Katana!' I've been putting it off for way too long now (nearly 5 years). So now, where on earth was I up to with that one??? Hhmmm??

See you all back in the bike shed :)'


PS. I wounder if this has stirred the imaginations of anyone else who has not made a diorama before? Go on, give it a try, it's like having a little holiday1yeah1

04-29-11, 10:45 AM
Very nice, no matter the scale. Personel choice for the allied rider would have
been the "Cooler King" . Great work.

Dr Dave
05-11-11, 06:56 AM
Thanks Marc. I definitely thought about the "Cooler King" but it's the wrong bike 1no1 This one is a BMW and he rides a Triumph T6. But I tell ya what, if I find one I could be very tempted to let him have another go at jumping the wire.......Hmmm, yes, I can see it now..... Oh no, I don't need more ideas, I have too many as it is 1what1
Hey, how about 1/6 scale? Paint up one of those die cast Triumph Bonneville's and dress up a figure like CAMWADER has riding his Harleys. . . . . . and put it under glass, in another coffee table.


Dr Dave
05-11-11, 06:58 AM
Ooops. Made a mistake.

Dr Dave
08-26-11, 09:03 PM
Update! Last week end, 20 & 21 August 2011, the annual Queensland Model Hobby Expo was held in Brisbane. I decided to enter this model in the 'Small Diorama' section just for fun and ended up with a Bronze medal for my efforts. Never thought I'd be doing a military model of any sort, let alone winning something with it.


I also picked up a Gold medal in the 'Miscellaneous' section for my Clerget 9B Rotary engine. Had a great week end and saw heaps of really awesome models.


08-26-11, 11:23 PM
Great job Dave! I really enjoyed this thread. The Englishman's hair looks great and even made me laugh! Can't wait for your next project!


07-27-12, 06:57 PM
Very cool work. I love dioramas.