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The creative explorer
02-10-11, 11:13 AM
Now the Granny T is done, I've got the appetite for big-scale's back and this car has been looking at me for a long time.
I bought this already built 1/8 Pocher Testarossa Spider back in 2009 at an modelshow in Portland, Oregon. It was in a very sorry state, but complete. I decided to purchase it, since it has been a dream to own and built a Pocher for a long time, but this one finally came within budget.
When I got home to my wife's appartment in Portland (in 2009 my GF, now my wife living with me), I got quite dissappointed at the Pocher-kit. It was virtually a large die-cast that one needs to assemble himself. It also was very dirty and I gave it a small clean up in her appartment.
After my time was up, I took it on the plane with me home. (cheapest way, but a bit oncomfortable haha)
The idea is to rebuild this kit, improve it with a small budget and also perfect the many imperfections. I will build it as close to #62897 as possible, but will also give my own twist to it, when it comes to colors.

This is how the Spider looked like when I purchased it.

When I came home to The Netherlands, I started to dissasemble the Ferrari

It is quite obvious that the car is quite simple for such a expensive kit.




Quickly my partsdrawer filled up with many parts

and the body starting to be cleared

A couple of picture's of the car's heart.



Then it is time for the Ferrari to get stripped butt-naked

Which I had to do the hard way, no matter how many times I asked the car to undress politely, it only stared point blank back

So I used paintremover, which did the job, but still was a hassle, the paint had a very good adhesion

And basically all the parts were stripped down. This is where the work stopped for me in 2009, after that, the car got into the archive

But I started a few days back on body work, First thing I want to do is to Eurolise the car, I will get rid of the side-markers

But also get rid of the molded in recesses for the badges, I hope by time to make my own photo-etch badges.

another thing I will try is to remove the metal behind the intake, to give it a more natural look.

The moldlines are there too, so I have to work on those as well


02-10-11, 12:39 PM
This is going to be a very nice build. I can tell you from experience that the Testarossa motor is a beast to work with. It is very poorly represented with the parts in the Pocher kit. I started a few years ago to rebuild mine correctly:
Unfortunately it is still sitting in the same state I last left it. If only I could pause life for a while to get something done!he1he

02-10-11, 03:51 PM

I too am working on a Testarossa Spyder.

I'll be looking forward to more progress reports from your re-build.


The creative explorer
02-12-11, 02:30 PM
Thanks guys.

I've seen that some engine parts are incorrect and poorly done, I've gotten myself a nice reference book that will help me with the engine and technical parts. I am not sure in how far I will go for perfecting, but it does need a serious overhaul.
I also won't spent money on those expensive upgrade-kits, they are simple unaffordable for me.
I went through your topic and it does help a little bit, always interesting to see somebody elses opinion and way to build, thanks.

@Ron, good luck on yours too! How are you going to do your TR? USA or EU?

02-14-11, 08:34 AM
I'm thinking EU.

Much easier to convert the side markers than to build a US exhaust system.

Perhaps the answer to the inaccuracy of the engine is to glue the hood/bonnet shut. gringrin


02-14-11, 02:40 PM
When these first came out, I used to assemble them for other people and must have built several dozen. They are not very good or very detailed, but for the size they were good value.

The F-40 was much better, with the body fit and closeures being much tighter then the TR.

You can do a lot with these models.

There are lots of aftermarket parts for this model that are not too expensive on their own, but can really add-up.

The pinifarini badges can be bought on eBay for about $7 per paid.

There are also metal Ferrari and Testarossa scripts for a few dollars each.

A company in Italy, Passione and Leggende makes some nice door hinges for 15-25 Euros a pair. I have never bought them, but I remember the hinges were awful on this model.

Then the more expensive things, are machined wheels, a die-cast engine ( but it is cast directly from the Pocher engine, without any clean-up or midifications)

Years ago, CPM of France made a very expensive transkit for the Testarossa and one for the F-40. They were about $1,000 each. Very rare. I have only seen two on eBay in 10 years. Again I have never seen one in real life, but assume that it cannot be much better than the Autograph one for the F40 that I got.

A couple of years ago, I bought a transkit for the TR, but never got around to useing it. Lots of photo-etch, but no cast parts or leather or rims.