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04-19-22, 09:48 PM
What are members thoughts on continuing to work on a scratchwork piece that has a design error? I am building a 1:6 engine that has eight(!!) carbs (its the 1957 Guzzi V8) and have so far patterned them, cast them and am now fettling the bodies. They look good, but unfortunately I have noticed I erred in placing a lengthwise screw boss slightly too high - it is very noticeable and it has me down in the dumps a little. The patterns can't really be altered - I don't want to throw away three weeks work - nor can I really be motivated to continue the rest of the process - which includes boring them out, making slides, the intricate linkages etc etc knowing there is an error there. The only hope I have is that six of the carbs are obscured when fitted, I can make a new pattern for the two outer ones ( the original pattern is a "tree" of 8 sides, cast twice) but it is that old adage "no one will know - but I'll know" (BTW I would post pictures but always get a 505 error warning)

04-20-22, 02:12 AM
Try to use the insert image function.

04-20-22, 02:22 AM
As for your question? Mistakes happen. -for me? there are some that I can let go, and some that, "No, I can do better" (and I redo a lot.) If you're not making mistakes, you're not learning anything new.

Some of us have a private little museum, a drawer usually, filled with broken parts, miss-made, or dead-end attempts. Might as well start your own!

04-20-22, 08:08 PM
Not sure what "505" means but I often have to reduce the file size to post on this site to 800X600 pixels. It shows up normal size in the post but not quite the detail. You might also try uploading one at a time. Perhaps the site host can answer that for you.