View Full Version : Epoxy glue cleanup

02-17-22, 07:18 AM
Anyone have any ideas on cleaning up dried epoxy glue? It's in a very tight area and I have been using the tips of needle files to pick it away which is effective but has the effect of scratching-up the ali surface something shocking

02-17-22, 10:25 AM
Are you trying to remove it from aluminum? If it's an all metal piece, try heat - boil the part in water to soften the resin and pick it off.

02-18-22, 01:44 AM
Hot air gun and X-Acto chisels. Or soak in Acetone? Assuming you want to start over and are not trying to save some aspect of the work?

Do not use heat if the part is actually a cast "White metal" part, as those can melt if too much heat is applied. (Difficult lesson!)

Bugatti Fan
03-18-22, 03:22 PM
Needle files are too hard for this job. Try using wooden cocktail sticks sharpened to a flat edge or the wooden coffee stirrers like you get in Costas or Starbucks.