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01-17-22, 08:51 AM

This is the Eaglemoss 1/8 scale Delorean. The original kit is very toylike with many Phillips-screws visible. It was a fun project but took about a year to complete.

I hope you like it.

All the best from Germany,


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01-17-22, 09:47 AM

Bugatti Fan
01-20-22, 03:30 PM
A lovely model and superbly subtly detailed.

01-22-22, 11:16 PM
Great build. I have to say, that movie series did more for the aura of the Delorean than anything else because it was such a mediocre performer and so shoddily built from what I understand. Were it not for that backbone frame being so narrow in the rear, I could see some folks dropping Turbo Porsche or Subaru engines in these and making them more desirable as restomods. Maybe someone will put a Tesla motor in one and have some fun with it. They still command a rather high asking price for a used one, but I think the popularity generated by the movie is responsible for that.

Bugatti Fan
01-27-22, 03:01 PM
I think you are right. If 'Back to the Future' never happened the De Lorien would have faded into obscurity and no model kits would have ever been issued except perhaps by one or two cottage industries. Actually it would be nice if someone were to make a kit of the factory standard road going car. To convert the 1/24th scale BTTF kits back to standard is nigh on impossible or extremely difficult.
It was a doomed venture, losing money fast and the Thatcher government at the time refused any bail outs.
As for John De Lorien himself. well that is another story!