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06-28-20, 12:25 PM
The Deagostini has launched the release of this kit in 1/8 scale. I received the first package consisting of three magazines. In the future, four magazines a month will be published as usual. This kit comes out in Russia.
I donít know how famous this car is outside of Eastern Europe, but in the USSR, this car probably influenced the life of every person, despite the fact that it did not go on free sale. Although the bulk of these cars were taken away by the army, they were also used in the national economy, for example, on collective farms, in the North, and indeed everywhere. As a child, I traveled more than once in such a car as a passenger when we lived in the Arctic and in the Far East. When I worked in the police, we also used such cars. They are equipped with an iron roof, and behind was a compartment for detained hooligans. Although it was designed for two people, if desired, five could be crammed into it, especially if the roughnecks were too impudent. In the police these cars were in motion almost without stopping, being repaired only when something fell off, without which it is already impossible to drive. Therefore, their life span was approximately five to six years.



This car, having changed a lot inside, is still being produced for almost fifty years. Outside, basically, only a hard metal roof and door locks were added. There were no locks before, since all the cars belonged to the state. I even looked at the dealer to get an advertising brochure.


The model will be a car of the mid-eighties. The first issues, as usual as teasers: a hood, a bumper, a wheel, with which nothing is now possible to do. When the following details come out, I will show the assembly process if you are interested.



07-06-20, 08:27 AM
It's a cool and very capable off road, we even had the earlier Gaz69 over here which looks awesome.
Check this metal build, I know it's R/C but this has to be one of the coolest 469 model out there.