View Full Version : A new MOTM nomination , MOTM, has been created!

05-01-20, 03:22 AM
A new poll has been created for the nomination . Please vote for your favorite!

08-19-20, 06:46 PM
I may be biased. As I like the pontiacs. Has OBH ever been nominated.

08-19-20, 06:54 PM
If he put a rat fink decal on his bird with the one with two different year model tail lights on it that would seal the deal for me........ hmmmmn. Heck I do it anyway.

08-19-20, 06:56 PM
A blower with flames shooting out the tail pipes any1?

08-19-20, 07:01 PM
I got a blower hoodscoop hood scoop the correct scale 4 you ready to box up and ship 2 u 4free. Pokes bear with stick.... lol.