View Full Version : Thanks for all those that help keep SMC great.

10-19-19, 04:32 PM
I just wanted to say thanks again to all the sponsors, members and even some random folks that helped out with this years costs. Your donations toward keeping SMC open are greatly appreciated.

Now on a personal level. I'm currently in the middle of a pretty nasty divorce and its taking up alot of my time. I'm still working in the background to keep the lights on but if you need to reach me and don't get a reply right away just try again. You can always message me at the Scalemotorcars ebay store and you'll usually catch me within a day.

Again thanks for being a member and supporter site. I couldn't keep it going without you.

Daniel Megard
Owner of Scalemotorcars.com

10-19-19, 05:12 PM
Oh Sorry Daniel, hope you don't have to split up your site with the X, it's newer easy to part, I know.