View Full Version : A new MOTM nomination , MOTM, has been created!

11-01-18, 03:05 AM
A new poll has been created for the nomination . Please vote for your favorite!

11-08-18, 07:02 PM
All I'm seeing is my thread "Jaguar XK Junk Heap" with a vote button. I couldn't possibly be a candidate for MOTM! Is there something wrong with my browser? I nominate Dennis for his 2CV if your going to choose someone who hasn't been nominated. I'm happy to be a part of this forum, but I'm a long way from being a MOTM candidate!

11-09-18, 06:27 AM
Hello JunkGTZ,

Thanks for your interest for my model

But I think you merit this nominate, your model will be very nice with the final paint green british racing