View Full Version : UK Source for Model Horse Drawn Vehicle Plans

Bugatti Fan
03-09-18, 08:37 AM
The late John Thompson in the UK produced a number of books and plans.
I think that they are still available through two companies in the UK with similar sounding names.
One is named Hobbys and the other Hobbies. Both also cary extensive ranges of kits and model making materials.
Check out their web sites.

Bugatti Fan
03-10-18, 08:55 AM
Sorry Guys, I repeated this thread by mistake.

05-27-18, 01:02 AM
Let me repeat myself,

Thank You!

-oh, and by the way one of my most favorite saws, is/or was made by the good people at Hobbies. (actually a poor choice for a business name), but a great saw! -it was recommended as the best saw for inlay work, and it is rather cumbersome for tasks better done with a traditional jewels saw, but I'm not a small guy and pulling their saw out always starts a conversation.

Again, thank you for the information! I am sorry I didn't respond sooner!