View Full Version : Ferrari Enzo 1:10 by De Agostini

12-09-10, 12:59 AM

Does anyone know anything about this model.

I heard it came either as a kit, or built, but the kit, was pretty much a weekend project as it came with a pre-painted body, and complete subassemblies such as the eninge, seats, suspension, each in their own blister packs.

Is the model any good?

How does it compare to the Tamiya or Kyosho 1:12 Enzos?

and finally, does anyone know where I can get one?

12-09-10, 05:43 AM
De Agostini does not manufacture anything. They take kits from other manufacturers, split them up, and send small parts of them out weekly. That way you can assemble small steps at the time, and pay small amounts of money over a longer period.

They did the same with the Bismarck, Titanic, robotics, and many more.

Usually you pay a hefty amount more than buying the thing as a whole, and sometimes they have the manufacturer make concessions in quality or expensive parts are replaced with cheaper ones. (for instance the (Mamoli?) Titanic kit came with wooden decks, but the Agostini decks were cardboard)

I guess the original kit is Kyosho in this case.