View Full Version : looking for some engine ideas

01-11-17, 09:13 AM
I've been looking for something a little more challenging than what I've been doing at work. I've been looking for a while for a cool multi cylinder steam engine, but most prints seem to be incomplete, or really bad copies from an old magazine. Do you have any favorite sites with free downloads that you would recommend

01-11-17, 10:32 AM
Try contacting Jay Leno he has steam cars, is it a working steam engine you like to build, enteristing !
http://www.steamcar.net/ a good place to start


01-11-17, 09:15 PM
A Skinner Uniflow might be a good one. Multi cylinder, single expansion, direct reversible - without stopping, and were used on New York ferries until the mid 20th century. They have a plain exterior, but the inside is interesting. Look around for used books from the steam era, if nothing else the drawings are art.

02-01-17, 01:57 PM
What about any horseless carriage/brass era engines?