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11-18-16, 07:08 PM
This is a quick write-up on how to build a small miniature set for outdoor model photography. Itís always nice to see a model photographed outside, with the environment reflected by the modelís glass, and polished panels. It lends some realism, but if the model is photographed on the backyard picnic table, the illusion is shattered.

You can make a small set with a piece of plywood, a T-nut, and some scenic bits to make your model photos more fun. If you have a spare tripod you can mount your set so that id can be tilted, and swiveled to catch the light just the way you want it. The T-not is to mount it on the tripod, but you could place it on the backyard table as well.

Foreground miniature setup:

It helps to have a feature which disguises the edge of your board, so the viewer can believe there is something to interrupt the view between the middle-ground (in this case a cast resin balustrade), and the actual far background of sky, trees, etc. It gives the illusion of a drip just beyond the railing.

A photo from the session:

You can have sky back there as above, or other scenery as seen below.

Another model, another day:

You donít need to show the actual environment in the background, you can build a complete set with back walls if you want, or shoot down onto the board. The tarmac in the photo is just painted Kraft paper.

Shooting down, not using the surrounding environment:

Hereís a different set, using a rise in the terrain, instead of a wall or railing to separate mid-ground from background.

Different foreground miniature:

All the models shown are 1/32 slot-cars, BTW.
I hope this has been helpful. I really enjoy photographing my models, it lets me hide my mistakes ;)

11-18-16, 07:12 PM
(correction) The Lotus 49 is actually a 1/20 Ebbro Static model

11-19-16, 08:16 PM
Forced perspective photography is amazing. Nice work. Here's a link to the work of another photographer who puts together some amazing scenes.


11-22-16, 12:51 PM
(correction) The Lotus 49 is actually a 1/20 Ebbro Static model

I.ve seen these, they're amazing! His camera may be only a $250 point and shoot, but he has a fortune invested in those models gringrin